Where To Stay In Phuket

Located on the shore of Indian Ocean, Phuket has magnificent beaches stretch under the green coconut palms. Together with fascinating entertaining activities, Phuket has recently been one of the most notable destinations for tourists all over the world. This time, Asia Marvel’s journalists have done a research to figure out where are the best places to stay in Phuket.

In order to find out the most suitable address, you have to clarify your preference first. You should know certain points about the geographic features of this destination. Phuket has three main beaches, which are Karon, Kata and Patong. Kata and Karon are both extremely beautiful with several resorts lying along the road behind the beaches. The sand is very white in both beaches. However, there are not so many tourists in these two peaceful places. Patong, on the other hand, seems to attract the most people. There are numerous restaurants, bars, massages and supermarkets around this beach. You can enjoy the dynamic atmosphere in both night and day without noticing the time. Almost every hotel in Patong is near the beach, with from 5-10 minutes walking. There are various price ranges for you to pick, -normally from 700-1,200 baht/night.

However, price is not the ultimate criterion. It is the quality and also the location of the hotels/resorts which affect your decisions the most. After a long trip, we figure out that the two most suitable areas to stay are Patong beach and Kata center. From these two points, you can enjoy the beaches and also go to bars and restaurants at night much easier. For those who just want a quiet and romantic place, Karon beach is the most suitable choice. If you stay in Karon and want to go to the bars, you might have to travel by tuk tuk to Patong or Kata, and the price is not cheap. We had to pay around 400 baht to go from Karon beach to Banglad road (near Patong beach).

In order to book rooms in Phukey, the best way is to ask for the helpof experienced people. Otherwise, you should use well-known booking services. Agoda could be the appropriate channel, as it is recommended the most by tourists. The price is good and acceptable, in general, according to many visitors. If you just need a cheap hotel, you can choose any one which is a bit far from the beaches. Below is the list of hotels or resorts which we think are the best for staying


Diamond Cliff

The view of the rooms is straight toward the sea. The price for 3 nights staying is about $800. However, the breakfast here is not free. The breakfast fee is $120 for 2 people (breakfast for 3 days). You can see the detail fee on the website of this hotel.


C&N hotel

This hotel is good. However, the internet is not good if you stay at level 4 or above. This hotel is near the entertaining zone, very convenient for hanging out.


Centara Grand West Sand Hotel

This hotel is quite expensive. It is suitable for families to stay. The hotel is near Maikhao beach. Moreover, it is near the airport as well. Although the price is high, you can enjoy the water park for free if you stay here.

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