When To Travel to Thailand and When not to?

Thailand is a tropical country with the beautiful sea, the bustling cities, and cheap shopping paradises. Choose the right time to travel Thailand and you will have a wonderful tour in which you will experience more interesting things. It is not so easy to decide when to travel to Thailand. This depends on the criteria of your trip, for example, whether you like to attend festivals in Thailand, you choose the mountains or plains in Thailand to visit or you want to select the peak season with a vibrant atmosphere or the low season with a quiet space.

In this article, we will give you the answer to the question “When to travel and when not to Thailand?” based on the 3 criteria: the weather, the terrain and the peak / low season.

I. Base on the weather

Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate and has four distinct seasons: the dry season lasting from January to February, the hot season from March to May, the rainy season from June to October and the cool season from November to December. The highest rainfall (90%) occurs in the rainy season. The average temperature of Thailand is quite high (more than 30 degrees Celsius). The temperature is usually 32 degrees Celsius in December and 35 degrees Celsius in April.

In our experience, you should choose the time to go to Thailand when the weather is cool because it is convenient to travel, visit the beautiful landscapes as well as outdoor activities. The ideal time to decide when to travel to Thailand is from November to February because during these months, there is almost no rain and the weather is not too hot. This is also the time for many festive events.

If you are interested in exploring and attending the festivals in Thailand, come to Thailand to enjoy in the bustling atmosphere of the Songkran Festival, the biggest festival of the year held on April 13th -15th to welcome the new year or Loy Krathong Light Festival, also known as the Valentine Day of Thai people, held in the lunar December.

* In this time, Thailand also has many other festivals such as:

  • Wisaka Bucha: on the full moon in the lunar June, also known as Buddha's birthday. This festival commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha, all taking place the same day in this festival.
  • Makha Bucha: on the full moon in the lunar April to commemorate the event of 1250 people coming to the Buddha to be enlightened and liberated.
  • Asanha Bucha: on the lunar August, the first Buddhist monastic festival of the Buddha and the first monks of Buddhism.
  • Lunar New Year: when Chinese people occupying large numbers in Bangkok will clean their houses and make offerings to their ancestors.
  • The King Festival: on December 5th, also celebrated with Father's Day. Thai people pay the tribute and love to their king.

II. Based on terrain

If you want to go to the northern mountainous provinces, you can travel to Thailand in March - May, or June - July. This season is hot and rainy, but the temperature in the mountains is quite temperate, airy and pleasant. Some suggested landmarks for you include Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nakhon Sawan or Lamphun.

For the central and northeastern parts of Thailand, this time will not be suitable for your trip as the weather may be very hot, up to 40 Degrees Celcius. Depending on the destination you choose in Thailand, be wise in choosing a departure time.

III. Based on the peak/low season

The peak season of Thai tourism usually takes place from November to the end of March, July, and August. Thailand is a tropical country that has the amazing beaches, bustling cities and a lot of cheap shopping paradises. Every year, the country receives about 14 million tourists from all over the world. 

Shopping at the weekend is a good idea because, in Bangkok, there are clothing and accessories markets only opening on weekends. The shopping malls that you can visit include Siam Square, Siam Paragon, Central World, Gaysorn, MBK (MahBoon Krong), Central Department Stores, The Emporium, Platinum Fashion Mall with many goods from cosmetics to furniture or you can visit the bazaars in Bangkok such as Pratunam Market, Chinatown, Flea Market, Chatuchak Weekend Market with many items at reasonable prices and good quality.

The most wonderful and comfortable time to visit Thailand is from November to February, as it is the coolest time of the year. However, this is the peak tourist season in the Golden Temple country so prices will also increase and the number of foreign tourists to Thailand is also higher than other months.

So, if you are a traveler who likes the quiet space or backpacking at the cheapest price, you can book tickets to Thailand in October or March. At that time, the weather is still pleasant and the cost of living, fares at tourist sites are not too high.

If you do not like the crowds but want to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of Thailand or discounted room, you should choose to travel in the typical few months of April, May, September, and October.

The above is the ideal time to travel Thailand for the year. Now, instead of sitting at home wondering the interesting destinations of the country of Golden Temple, why not at least once in your life think about when to travel to Thailand to discover the bustling shopping atmosphere by yourselves. Surely you will not have to regret your decision.

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