Top Experiences Can Not Be Missed In Sekinchan

Sekinchan is a small town located about 100km from Kuala Lumpur and it takes about one and half hour drive. It is one of the major rice producers in Malaysia, also a fishing village that supplies fresh seafood. Tourists can be attracted by the scenery of paddy fields, fruit farms, oil palm plantations, papayas, durians and mangoes.

There are many exciting things to do in Sekinchan, from visiting historical sites and cultural attractions to exploring all other local attractions. Ranked on popularity, here’s the complete list of best things to do recommended by the locals.

Go cycling along the Paddy Field

Bright blue sky and vibrant green field in Sekinchan

Cycling is a great way to explore the paddy fields and brings back some sun-kissed glow. It is a pity if you leave Sekinchan without taking a photo with the wide paddy fields that cover more than thousands of acres. They are green from March until May (and September until November), go yellowish in May until June (and November until December).

Enjoy seafood

There are many seafood restaurants around Sekinchan, such as Hao Xiang Chi Seafood Restaurant, Guan Seng Long Restaurant, Jiann Chyi Restaurant, Restaurant Bagan Sekinchan, Sheng Hui Restaurant, Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant and more while Jiann Chyi Seafood Restaurant is the most famous one in town.

Get luck with Wishing Tree

Make your wish and throw it up to the tree

This is an iconic attraction in Sekinchan. Get lucky red cloth from the temple, write down your wishes and name then throw it up to the tree.  You should balance both ends of the lucky wishing cloth so that your wishes are up on the Wishing Tree at one throw.

Visit Temples

The most famous temple goes to Nan Tian Temple that is located in the middle of paddy field in Sekinchin Site A. Besides Nan Tian Temple, tourists can drop by at Tian Fu, Bao An, Xian Fa Shi Gong, Shuui Wei Sheng Nian, Guan Di or Nan Hai Guan Yin Temple, just to name a few.

Go to Paddy Processing Gallery

Cute little rice mascot

Pay RM5 ($1) and you will receive one small packet of rice as a token, then walk up the Paddy Museum to have the better understanding of paddy plantation process. It is good in getting the general public to know further about all the work behind your daily product.

Try Mangoes

They are so sweet and fleshy. You can get them from the fruit stall, or fruit farm near to Paddy Processing Factory. Now there is another “souvenir” to bring back home from Sekinchan!

Visit Bagan Fishing Village

Bagan is the main fishing village in Sekinchan which is located along the river and small seaport, southwest of the town. There are many kinds of seafood for you to choose from prawns of all shapes and sizes to red snappers, stingrays, squids, eels and crabs. You can’t get fresher and cheaper than this haul! Remember to have a cooler box in the boot of your car with ice packs to keep them cool when you travel back.

Regarding of transportation, we can reach here by car or by bus from Puduraya Bus Terminal, but It is more encouraged to book a day-tour van for easy access to all tourist spots. Malaysia is scorching hot all year long and the weather changes very fast from sunny or rainy any time. Make sure you are well-prepared with hats, sunglasses, sunscreens, lotion, long sleeves and the most necessary thing – Water!

Don’t miss out on experiencing these amazing things at Sekinchan and create an itinerary today!

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