4 Untold Rules Make Tourist Surprise In Japan

If you come to Japan, you need to bring along your passport; smoking at right place even in public place or in bar; remember to check whether your medicine is legal or not if you bring it along.

“Which rule that tourist should pay attention to? is a topic given out for discussion according to the Reddit newspaper with many comments and ideas of the readers. We briefly summarize those rules which cause tourist surprise in Japan:


International tourist always has to bring along their passport

Japan’s Code allows the police to stop anyone at anytime on the street to check their personal ID or passport. Thus, foreigners always bring along their passport which can identify who they are. If they don’t show their passport to the police, they can be caught to the jail.

Medicines without doctor’s bill are illegal in Japan:

While Japan’s Code allows foreigners to bring medicines without doctor’s bill to their country, some kinds of medicine from U.S.A are forbidden in Japan. Those medicines which contain esthesiogen (pseudoephedrine) are illegal in Japan, including inhale bath or sinusitis and allergy remedial such as Sudafed.

If you take any medicine to Japan, you have to make sure to keep the bill of the doctor and explain reason why you bring it.


Not all open-space are allowed to smoke

4-untold-rules-cause-tourist-suprise-in-japan-1Almost restaurants in Japan have separated space for smoking. Photo by: Flickr

Recently, Japanese who smoking has better space to enjoy their habits. However, according to the Japan Times, some latest regulations issued and caused smoking at public space becomes illegal. Thus there is a space designed merely for smoking in some restaurants, bars even on streets which separated from non-smoking space.

Drinking wine on street is legal in Japan

Everyone can enjoy the food on street without any reluctance. Japanese even set up and install some traditional sake tables on street for everyone to use at anytime even in a cherry flower festival where everyone walking around, camping and eating under those trees.

However, if you are walking on the street, in parks or on the beaches, just make sure that you behave as it should be and respects others in such public places.


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