One Day Exploring Universal Studios Singapore Review


Universal Studio is first opened in Hollywood, American. But it’s not easy for everyone to come to the USA and visit this beautiful place. The Universal Studio is only on the wish list of many kids from Asia, even when they opened a new one in Japan.

Universal Studio is a famous park in all over the world

Since they decided to have another one in Singapore in 2010, it makes the dreamland come closer to many kids and adults too. Like all of other Universal Studios, the one in Singapore follows the cinematic setup and is divided into seven different themed areas. You will have a chance to visit Madagascar, dinosaurs in The Lost World, Sci-Fi city with the Transformers, Far Far Away Land of Shrek, Ancient Egypt rules by the Mummy and the Sesame Street in New York.

Each themed area has its own charms, shopping and eating establishments, and street performing to match the theme. There were rides, street entertainments, live shows and real movie characters. A ticket for one day in Universal Studio Singapore is 74 SGD. With the Universal Studios Singapore review below, you probably cannot miss anything.

Universal Studios Singapore review

The Madagascar Zone

This zone represents the Madagascar movie; you will see many familiar characters in there. But you don’t have to watch these movies to enjoy this wonderful park. This area is perfect for little kids because the attractions are most suitable for children. There are two main activities for you. You can take a raft ride through Madagascar with the characters or get on a big carousel to go around.

The main characters in Madagascar Movie

Land of Dinosaurs – the lost world

Dinosaurs are the notable points in this area with the theme right from Jurassic World. There are many activities here, including three rides such as the roller coaster, the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and the stunning show at Water World. It could be the best part of your trip in the Universal Studio so arrange to spend more time in here. You can also meet live performance on the street with pretty real dinosaurs

The dream land for dinosaurs’ lovers

Sci-Fi City

If you are a fan of technology or your kids have tons of figures of Transformers at home, then this is the real paradise for you and your kids. Especially, with the 3D Transformers ride, you will experience an ultimate and epic battle in 3D. This show combines with the ride is a real blast even for people who don’t know anything about these robots. There is also a huge roller coaster in there, with two levels for HUMAN and CYCLON, which its name has spoken for its thriller.

The amazing roller coaster in the park

Far Far Away Land

A duplicate in real life from Shrek movie, you can meet real donkey in this area at the Donkey live. A real donkey is running around and dancing like in the movie, but it could be a bit boring for older kids. The 4D movie Shrek’s Adventure is interesting with real elements, but the story line has not been fresh since the movies came out for too long.

Ancient Egypt

This area is spotted on some very unique architecture and an interesting jeep ride. You will also receive a license at the end of the jeep ride, which is a huge proud for the kid. Another ride in this area is the Revenge of the Mummy ride. Don’t think that all the rides is the same, this ride is fantastic and worth doing. This theme is also invested a lot with many Egyptian characters going around.

There are many Egyptian characters in this ancient zone

New York

Similar to New York City, this area looks extraordinary and busy. The live stage show at Sesame Street is a highlight, and you can catch some beautiful street dances if you arrive on time. There is also a special-effect performance which you can join in a hurricane on the street.

The end of the park could be considered to be the Hollywood set up. This place is mostly for shopping and taking photos. But there is still a live rock show playing by some monster bands like Frankenstein and Dracula.

Some useful tips

Normally, to get in the roller coaster, you have to put your belongings in a locker. There are safety staffs to scan you so don’t try to sneak your phone or camera in. The locker is free to rent in 45 minutes so pay attention to the times to take your stuff. If you forget, the charge would be 2$ for each 15 minutes late.

For most of the games in the park, especially the roller coaster and rides a train, you have to queue up for a long line. So prepare water or some entertainments if you are going with your little kids. You can spend extra for the express pass. It helps you cut down the waiting time and make your day in Universal Studio easier and more interesting.

To save the cost, you can buy tickets before you come. Look for online deals, and you might get some discount of 10 to 20%, which is great for an extra express pass.


Universal Studio Singapore is a great place to spend your time with your family. Just arrange your work and read our Universal Studios Singapore review, then surprise your kids with an amazing trip to this beautiful park. This could be an unforgettable memory for you and your sweetheart.

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