Participating The Universal Studios Singapore Halloween In The 7th Season

Universal Studios Singapore holds Halloween Horror Nights event annually. In this year, the event will be run on June with two periods of time. The first period will be held from 3rd to 4th and the second time will be run between 10th and 11th. If you are going to Singapore, you will not miss this opportunity to come and enjoy The Universal Studios Singapore Halloween.

In this event, you will totally boost your ability to turn into a monster, a zombie, a ghost or other weird characters. Then, you can challenge yourself in the horror places and zones throughout the Universal Studios Singapore.

You will be performing in the areas that is made to provoke the panic with some scared effects like the smoke, blinking light, creepy audio and other ramifications in the event. For those who have special performing talents such as dancing, contorting, stilt – walking, etc. you will love the audition in the Halloween Horror Nights 7 (HHN7).

If you have freakish talents, do not be nervous to show it in the HHN7. You need to ensure that your own talents meet the requirements of the Halloween theme.

Prepare your performance before the HHN7 is coming

Listening skills

It is extremely crucial to listen to lots of vital points as well as the regulations to ensure all of the details in the event. Be an excellent scare – actor, you should pay attention to your body movements and other small points.

Discover and observe some videos and performance shows

To understand the performance style of this show, you should watch some videos in the previous seasons

On the flip side, you can study the performance styles in other horror shows around the world through other videos.

For those who have actors or actresses in the scaring types, you need to meet them and ask for giving some advices and the performance instructions. In your mind, you are able to follow the style or the playing of someone or something that you might love.

On the one hand, you also need an open mind to welcome different perspectives and you can collaborate with them.

Connect with your audiences

Like other talented shows, you should have the skills to appeal to your audiences in the stages. First of all, you need to use the body language such as your gesture, eye – contact, facial expressions, body movements, voice tone, etc. Secondly, you could show your enthusiasm to the crowd. It requires full of commitments to them. This is not easy to practice and perform. Finally, be a real character. It means that you can play the character like you are. This is another difficult task to overcome.

Choose your costumes

You have an idea to display, play your character, etc. but you should not forget to choose your suitable costumes for the event. Furthermore, do not forget to make your face up to get well with the costumes.

Pick and order the tickets

You will arrange your schedule and make the plan to take part in. Be sure to check the time, the place and other related things as you are a candidate. If you are guest only, you can access the detailed information in their website.

There are two kinds of tickets – AP and SP. You need to pick the separated tickets for this event. The daytime and nighttime tickets have the same price. There are various promotions and offers on their website you can get.

Check out the detailed information

  • The date: 3rd and 4th, 10th and 11th June, 2017
  • The time: from 11 AM to 8 PM
  • The last time to register will be at 7.30 PM
  • The place: *SCAPE, Level 5, 2 Orchard Link Singapore 237978

Do not forget to come with your friends because it will be much more fantastic.

Some tips for both of us when the HHN7 is coming

If you do not like the crowd, you could choose to come on Sunday. Because people have to go to work or having the schooling time in the next day, they do not participate in the long time.

In the situation you want to enjoy the crowding atmosphere, you can book the Saturday ticket. However, the price could be higher.

To save your budget while getting there, you should bring your own snacks and beverages. The foods and drink prices at the park could be expensive. Be sure to be allowed to get foods in these places.

The Universal Studios Singapore Halloween will be held in June, therefore you need to travel to Singapore, buy the tickets, and get your own experience as soon as possible. The chance only comes around once per year!

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