How To Have The Best Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Experience?


Ranked seventh in the list of The Best Theme Park Halloween Events by Theme Park Insider, Universal Studios Singapore Halloween experience with Horror Nights annually held a different theme and different icons. After six years with six events hold annually, Horror Nights event is one of the highly recommended destinations for visitors coming to Singapore on Halloween. Let’s find out what you can expect from Singapore’s most terrifying event.

1. Halloween Horror Nights Icons

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween experience was started in 2011 and has hold annually with different themes and horror activities. The event has gradually become an irresistible experience for any visitors going to Singapore in every October.  The event each year has shown different horror activities including event themes, scare zones, houses, rides and live entertainment relating to the event icons’ back-stories.

Universal Studios Singapore Horror Nights event is special attractions in Halloween

– Halloween Horror Nights 2011

The first event was introduced the original icon The Director. This event was inspired by Paulo Ravinski – famous horror movies director and also the familiar icon of many other Halloween Horror Nights in the world. Ravinski has become the terror-struck image for any visitors with blood face, a scar across left eye and obsessed look. The event was opened in seven nights and had two mazes Peranakan Mansion: Vengeance of the Matriarch and The Pestilence. Four scare zones including Carnevil, Post-Apocalyptic Rage, The Void and The Edge of Darkness were the main attraction of the event, combined with two shows: 44 Sins; Director’s Final Cut.

The Director – Icon of Halloween Horror Nights 2011 

– Halloween Horror Nights 2012

The Puppet Master was the topic for second Halloween event. Replaced for live shows, 2012 event focused on three mazes: Dungeon of Damnation, The Insanitarium and Death Alley; and also three scare zones: House of Dolls, Total Lockdown and Bizarre Bazaar. Also The Puppet Master appeared only on the photo-op; he still influenced and controlled the other three characters, including High Priest, Doctor Dementia and The Undertaker.

The Puppet Master – Halloween Horror Nights 2012

– Halloween Horror Nights 2013

Themes of 2013 event were focused on The Evil Sisters – well-known ghosts in traditional South-East Asian folklore. They were three sisters including The Crone of the Forest, The Daughter of the Undead and The Maiden of the Opera. This was the first time the Lost World was chosen to hold scare zone Forbidden Forest with The Crone of the Forest as the main character. You could find Vampire The Daughter of the Undead in the Attack of the Vampires scare zone. Three mazes were opened for visitors as usual, containing Adrift, Songs of Death House and No. 13; in which Songs of Death maze was focused on The Maiden of the Opera – the final sister.

The Evil Sisters in Halloween Horror Nights 2013

– Halloween Horror Nights 2014

Based on the stories of iconic character The Minister (Jonah Goodwill), Halloween Horror Nights 2014 brought Universal Studios Singapore Halloween experience to next level. 2014 event had increased the number of mazes compared to the previous year, namely The L.A.B: Laboratory of Alien Breeding, Mati Camp, Jing’s Revenge and Jack’s 3Dementia. Besides, visitors could try their nerve by joining four scare zones: Scary Tales, Canyon of the Cursed, Demoncracy and Bogeyman. Also, after two years without show, Halloween Horror Nights 2014 introduced amazing show Jack’s Nightmare Circus.

The Minister in Halloween Horror Nights 2014

– Halloween Horror Nights 2015

The Blood Moon was the main iconic character of the Singapore biggest Halloween event. It seems that common Singapore locations were chosen as scary mazes like True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT, The Tunnel People, Hell House and Siloso Gateway Block 50. The show Beast Club and three scare zones CONTermination, Hungry GhostsAnd The Invaders satisfied any visitors by giving them unforgettable experience.

Halloween Horror Nights 2015

– Halloween Horror Nights 2016

2016 event transformed the Universal Studios Singapore into a place full of surrealist creatures inspired by Singapore ghost stories and Western horror films. The main character was the wicked Lady Death, who has brought the darkening horror by awakening the realm and the corpses. Halloween Horror Nights VI introduced spectacular performances on Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus and March of the Dead – The Procession. Moreover, five crazy mazes (Old Changi Hospital, Bodies of Work, The Salem, Witch House, Hui Li’s Inn and Hawker Centre Massacre) and two amazing scare zones Suicide Forest and March of the Dead were special attractions to not just local but also travelers.

Halloween Horror Nights 2016

2. Halloween Horror Nights Attraction Locations

Different locations in Universal Studios Singapore can be used to organize mazes, scare zones and shows each year. Below are some common attractions of Halloween Horror Nights.

Stage 28
It is used to held scary mazes including Vengeance of the Matriarch (2011), Dungeon of Damnation (2012) and Adrift (2013). You can find Stage 28 in New York area, behind Sesame Street Spaghetti Space.

Sting Alley
This outdoor alley was chosen as Pestilence and Death Alley maze in the first two events. Sting Alley is sandwiched between New York zone and the wharf zone.

Water World Queue
Both The Insanitarium (2012) and Possessions: House 13 (2013) was hold in the large area of Water World Queue. The queue area was turned back to serve for Halloween events.

Behind Revenge of the Mummy
Located between the Revenge of the Mummy the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, it was used for Songs of Death (2013) maze. It connects Revenge of the Mummy zone and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure.

Hollywood Street
Walking through park’s main entrance, you can find the location which was held two mazes Carnevil (2011) and House of Dolls (2012).

New York Street
This was the main mazes of Halloween events from 2011 to 2016 with Post-Apocalyptic Rage (2011), Total Lockdown (2012) and Attack of the Vampires (2013).

Sci-fi City
The Void (2011) and Chill Out zone (2013) were held in two parts of this zone: in front of Transformers ride and below Battlestar Galactica coaster.

Ancient Egypt
In front of Revenge of the Mummy ride, you can find the infamous mazes: The Edge of Darkness (2011), Bizarre Bazaar (2012) and Convention of Curses (2013).

Located on Ancient Egypt zone, Obelisk is familiar place to open live show such as 44 Sins (2011) and Covent Celebration (2013).

Lost World
This outdoor zone is well-known as location of Forbidden Forest maze in 2013.


Singapore’s most terrifying event: Universal Studios Singapore Halloween experience with Horror Nights will return on October this year. Although theme and icon star of Horror Nights 7 have not revealed yet, you can definitely to have unforgettable and nerve-racking experience when joining Halloween Horror Nights 7 at Universal Studios Singapore.

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