Best Universal Studios Singapore Foods

Asia Singapore is considered to be the most vibrant country in Southeast Asia, no matter day or night; you can explore famous attractions like Marina Bay, Garden by the Bay, Sentosa Island, etc. And one more interesting destination that you can’t skip in Singapore is Universal Studios. After spending one day exploring this theme park, you will sure want to enjoy Universal Studios Singapore food. Let’s see some food reviews before going to Universal Studios.

1. Restaurants in Each Area

Each area in Universal Studios has restaurants with the average price for food is around $8-10/meal and drinks from $3 to $5.

  • In Hollywood area, there are Hollywood China Bistro which serves Chinese food; Burgers Mel’ Drive In; and also Starbuck Coffee with very nice location, right at the beginning of the park.
  • In New York area, you can find KT’s Grill and Loui’s NY Pizza Parlot.
  • SciFi City area is home of Star Bot Coffee.
  • In Ancient Egypt, you should try Oasis Spice Café. The coffee shop is very beautiful, decorated by white stone, which is inspired by Egypt pyramid.
  • The Lost World is the only area that has Discovery Food Court. This is where you can find cheaper food than other restaurants, about $5-6/meal.
  • Far Far Away section has two fast food restaurants, namely Friar’s and Goldilocks.
  • Madagascar area also has a food court, Marty’s Casa Del Wild, and a bento restaurant, Gloria’s Snack Shack.

2. What To Eat?

From affordable fast food in food courts to delicious dish in luxury restaurants, Universal Studios have it all. Let’s find out the best Universal Studios Singapore food as below.

Thai Spicy Fried Chicken

You can find these delicious fried chickens coated with Tom Yum in Goldilocks restaurant in Far Far Away section. Other comfort and affordable fast food can be found anywhere in this fairy tale world and Thai Spicy Fried Chicken is what you definitely can’t resist.

Thai Spicy Fried Chicken – Photo:

Satay Combo

Marty’s Casa Del Wild food court in Madagascar section serves this special combo. Satay combo includes rice, vegetable, and satay which is coated by sweet peanut sauce, will give you a flavorful taste of Asian food.

Satay Combo – Photo:

Chicken Rice Combo

Another combo with reasonable price after one day hangout at the Lost Word is chicken rice combo, which is served in Discovery food court. Roasted chicken rice is eaten with vegetable, achar and dessert. The rice is not too oily but soft, combined with unique flavor of achar is the queen of this dish.

Chicken Rice Combo

Turkey Leg

Turkey Leg in small Marilyn food cart in Hollywood section is one of the best Universal Studios Singapore foods. The roasted turkey leg may as big as your face, has addictive flavor will be enough to make you feel full for quick lunch and tingle on your lips.

Turkey Leg

Churro Dog

This snack with high level of sugar is the combination of a churro and a hot dog, which will charge your battery to conquer the next ride. Let’s go to Churros food cart and pick up the churro dog.

Churro Dog

3. Recommended Restaurants

  • KT’s Grill

This restaurant has Newyork style of steak house, serves Wagyu burgers, rotisserie chicken and rib-eyes.

  • Goldilocks

You must try Thai spicy fried chicken as we have just recommended above, fish and chips, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

  • Oasis Spicy Café

If you have small children, this coffee shop is a must for you as it offers children’s meal along with four meal sets. You should try chicken dish here like roasted chicken, butter chicken, Soto Ayam, salad with chicken…

  • Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor

A wide range of pizza, from pepperoni, Hawaiian, chicken tandoori can be found in Loi’s NY Pizza Parlor. Or if you want to try other fast food, remember to order chicken sandwich, spaghetti, Caesar salad, fried mozzarella sticks or tiramisu.

  • Friar’s

This counter service restaurant provides you various choices like Thai peanut chicken, duck, seafood, Halal food and tandoori chicken.

  • Discovery Food Court

Many options on the menu for you, but let’s try Laksa, wanton noodle soup, Ayam Penyet, chicken rice combo (including roasted chicken rice and Hainanese chicken rice).

Besides adventurous games, attractive sightseeing and fantastic shows, Universal Studios Singapore food may be what you don’t want to miss when visiting one of the most active theme parks of Asia. Let’s fulfill your appetizer by enjoying as much food here as possible.

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