5 Unique Variations Of Japanese Sushi

Mentioning to sushi, tourists often think of Nigiri sushi with rice and fresh fish. However, sushi has many other unique variations.

Kaiten sushi

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Kaiten sushi or conveyor belt sushi. Traditionally, sushi is served at the bar by the chef, or be brought to the table of the customers at their request. However, with Kaiten sushi, the sushi pieces are placed on the conveyor belt and transferred to each table, is also a popular way to enjoy sushi in Japan. Photo: Wasa-bi.

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The diners can choose any sushi they want. The invoices will be calculated on the number of pieces of sushi you eat. The chefs stand between the conveyor belt to make sushi, so you can request a special kind of sushi that you like. Photo: Dannychoo.



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Chirashizushi or mixed sushi: Instead of making the pieces, sushi includes rice is put into a large bowl, seafood on top, thinly sliced eggs, seaweed …, Photo: Japaneserecipes.

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This dish is quite easy to prepare at home, usually eaten on the special occasions such as the birthday or the Girl’s Day (or Doll’s Day) (3/3). Photo: Mamaloli.



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Inarizushi dish is the sushi with the rice is stuffed into Aburaage tofu pieces (fried tofu). This dish is often not at the sushi restaurant that is often used for picnics. Photo: Hanabitemple.



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Temakizushi is the hand-rolled sushi made from rice and Nori seaweed. A type of cone sushi, beautiful and easy to do. You can make the Temakizushi dish with seafood, rice, and seaweed. Photo: Wasa-bi.

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Also, you can add spicy beef, teriyaki chicken, mayonnaise, salmon, butter…, depend on your favorite. Photo: Kilala.


Non-raw seafood sushi

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There are many types of sushi not using the fresh seafood for people who do not eat raw fish. Instead, the chefs will use cucumber, butter, lettuce, eggs or meats such as processed beef and chicken. Photo: Wasa-bi.

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