10 unique features of Korean’s culture

Although Korea’s area only ranks 109th over the world’s map, it attracts a remarkable attention of people worldwide.

Those ten features are their typical ones in their culture.

1. Network using

If you want to know how future looks like, just book a ticket to Korea immediately. There are 78.5% of this country’s population using the smartphone and 82.7% using the internet. At the age from 18 to 24 years old, the ratio of smartphone user is 97.7%.

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Korean use smartphone not only for connecting with their friends, but also for making payment transactions online such as shopping or watching TV, etc.

Hyundai estimates to produce a new kind of car which can start up by smartphone in 2015.


2. Drinking wine

Korean celebrate their newest business or drinking Soju – a sort of traditional wine for fun when they finish their work at the office. Nowadays, many companies minimize this type of drinking culture. However, many bosses just keep on asking their staff to drink wine/beer/whiskey. Some employees who refuse to drink are considered as a boring or impolite one.


3. Creative cosmetic

Regarding producing cosmetics, Korean are good and creative at testing and creating new elements and new methods. They make a new kind of cosmetics which using the essence of snail since 2011.

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Currently, they create a new form of nail paint containing real flowers. In fact, not only women in this country care about beauty cosmetics but also men consider using cosmetics mostly. The market share over the world of male cosmetic producing at Korean is significant gradually.


4. Women playing golf

According to the Economist, a survey for readers at the beginning of the year with a question “Why Korea women are excellent at playing golf?”. In the list of top 100 of the world, there are 38 Korea women. In the top ten, there are four women.


5. Starcraft game

Providing Starcraft game service is legal business at Korea. Professional game players earn thousands of dollar beside other benefits or supplementary income. This kind of game was born since 1998. There are a uncountable number of people from young to old one who used to play this game.

10 unique features of Korean’s culture_3

There is separate TV channel for this game. According to National Information Department, there are 14% children at the age from 9 to 12 years old are addicted to this game. That is the reason why this game was forbidden online to children under the age of 16 years old by the government two years ago. However, people ignored this rule then.


6. Shopping payment by cards

Korea has the highest ratio of credit card’s holder over the world since two years ago according to the figures recorded by Korea Bank. In fact, an American use credit card 77.9 times while a Canadian use 98.6 times and one Korean use 129.7 times annually.

It is illegal to reject a transaction by credit card although how small the payment is in Korea.


7. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants from other countries need to come to Korea to see how to serve in the most graceful way on the airplane. You can ask anyone who used to be on the airplane provided by Korea Airlines, surely they will say it is the best airlines service they used to know.

10 unique features of Korean’s culture_4

People are not only be impressed by Korean flight attendant’s smile but also their lovely facial appearance when bibimbap (a kind of Korean food) served out suddenly.


8. Workaholic

Korean study hard and gain the highest education level among nations in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) with 98% out of their population who finished high school and 63% who completed college education.

Looking at lights in many high office building at late nights, you can understand this social phenomenon. According to figures of Strategy and Economics Department in Korea, Korean work 44.6 hours per week in comparison with 32.8 hours of people in OECD’s country members.


9. Dating service

“When is the next dating?” is the familiar question for single Korean. The answer is “Why? Do you know someone to introduce to me?”

10 unique features of Korean’s culture_5

Based on the result of s survey of Duo – the biggest company majoring in providing dating service in Korea, the average times of taking a date for a single Korean is twice per week. Due to its popularity, they will forget and keep up with a new relationship rather soon after finish a previous relationship.

The average time from the first meeting since marriage is 10.2 months to ones who are working at the office. Besides, there are around 2500 companies where providing this dating service over this country.


10. Cosmetic surgery

People said there is nothing that Korea’s cosmetic doctors can’t do even you want to have a tapering nose, broad forehead or longer tooth.

10 unique features of Korean’s culture_6

Russian. Chinese, Mongolian, and Japanese come to Korea not only because of Korean’s talent bu also the suitable price for cosmetic surgery. A qualified facial cosmetic surgery can cost til 10,000 million USD in the USA, but in Korea, it merely costs around 2,000 – 3,000 USD per time.


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