Trekking Chiang Mai Trip

Chiang Mai is one of the smallest mountains in Thailand highlands, this is also the name of the biggest city in Northern Thailand. At Chiang Mai, you can totally find several markets, bars, festivals, etc. The main temple – Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is really worth a visit. You can also take the bus to come to the hill. This is the huge place to visit in Chiang Mai. Before taking Chiang Mai journey, you should know some points.

Some tips for beginner trekking

Check your health system

Like other outside activities, you need to have good immune system. Even if you do not have physical strength, you can improve it by boosting activities like go jogging, high jumping, swimming etc. Then, you can have a small trekking trip with your group of friends in the camping site to adapt with this new kind of activity. Furthermore, you should do the health checkups before starting a trekking journey.

Select the trekking equipment

There are two basic types of package you should not ignore. First of all, you have to pick your best trekking boots. The best trekking shoes must protect your feet in bad hazards like slippery surfaces, sharp objects, etc. Trekking footwear also supports your ankles completely. Secondly, you need to consider your backpacks.

Because you may bring your backpack all the time, it should not be too heavy or too big to carry. You could select the backpack with hip straps and proper back traps to assist you from being unenjoyable. Do not forget to bring your cameras to take several photos while trekking. For those who have some problems on knees, you can bring a trekking stick.

Make the packing lists

Trekking is different from other traveling activities. You have to prepare your packs carefully as following

  • Your clothes: you do not only pack your casual clothes but also you need to bring other jackets and clothes which are suitable to the weather.
  • Water and some snacks: most of the trekking tours have foods and water in the journey. However, you do not know when your body need need more. Therefore, you should bring chocolate bar, other chips and bottles of water.
  • Protection stuffs: in the journey, you need to have mosquito and insect repellants, sun cream and sunscreen.
  • Others: you can bring your personal necessities like medicine, sleeping bag or bad linen, swimming suit, etc.

Moreover, you should not carry too many things in your packs because you will be tired while trekking.

Consider the reputation tourism agencies

Because the hospitality industry has developed in Thailand, there are plenty of tourism companies to run many tours to trek in Chiang Mai. Therefore, you need to check the reliability of the agencies before booking their tours. You should not read their great advertising information at all. You need to review some comments on travel websites like Trip Advisor or ask other trekking experience people.

General information about trekking Chiang Mai trip

There are many types of tour duration in Chiang Mai. Normally, you will have between two and four days. Then, you will spend from four to eight hours to walk depends on your choice. You should do it with other treks and follow advice from the tour guide. You will use bamboo style huts to go sleepy at night in the tribal villages.

If you meet elephant rides or bamboo – river rafting, you will pull over it by inflatable rafts. You (them can) absolutely jump into the rides under the instruction of the tour guide. They could be local people and they have a lot of experience about getting over the rides.

In trekking Chiang Mai trip, you will pay at least 100$. The cost also depends on your trekking tours and the number of treks in the tours.

When traveling or trekking in South East Asia like Chiang Mai, you can meet elephants in the journey. You might want to evade the tours that are related to elephants. Because elephants are separated from their mothers as an early age, and they are treated very badly to serve this industry.

You might also want to avoid other animal tours because of the humanitarian issues. If you want to visit wild elephants, you could come to The Elephant Nature Park – a trustworthy elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai.

Trekking is another incredible method to explore the other side of Thailand as well as other nations. Having a trekking Chiang Mai trip is not difficult when understanding the golden rules of thumb.

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