Travelling Tip: From Phuket To Koh Samui

Another summer is coming and many people are wondering where to spend their vacation. If you are thinking about Thailand, which has somehow brought you here, then Koh Samui is one of the best places for you to visit this summer.

To continue the series about the experience in Thailand, Asia Marvels’ journalist will share their amazing moment on this island.

Koh Samui is an island in Surat Thani province, located in south-central Thailand. This is a paradise for couples to enjoy the honeymoon. Anyone who put the step on the island will be dazzled by its beauty. This is such a heaven which could make you feel like you are not on earth. Due to being far away from Bangkok, to the south, almost of tourists here are people from outside Thailand. The island is also a good choice for family vacations. It has beautiful beaches and is not too crowded. The name Koh Samui” means “Coconut Island”.

Asia Marvels has been receiving several questions regarding the best way to travel from Phuket to Koh Samui. In order for you to have a better approach, we indicate our journey experience below.

When to go?

Weather plays a very important role in any vacation. You can visit the island any time, except for the period from October to December, because it is the rainy season here. Because Koh Samui is far away from the central of Thailand and is an island, you should spend at least 3 days in this place, so that your long way will be worth travelling.


There are several ways to go to the island. This time Asia Marvels will focus on the way to go from Phuket to Koh Samui, as it has been asked by the most readers.

Basically, we are quite satisfied with the performance of tourism agencies in Thailand. You can take a bus from Phuket to Samui. Normally, tourists buy tickets which combine bus and ferry. You can travel by bus from Phuket to Surat Thani, and then take a ferry from Donsak Ferry to Samui’s Nathon Ferry.

If you want to go by ferry from Phuket to Samui straightly, there are three ferry service brands to choose: Songserm, Seatran and Lomprayah. From our experience, Songs

erm is the cheapest but its quality is not as good as the other two. Seatran and Lomprayah are more expensive, but have outstanding quality service.

From Naton Ferry of Samui, you can catch a taxi to go to many other beaches and different hotels. The taxi price here is usually fixed, you can hardly bargain. Another way is to travel by songthaew, a passenger vehicle in Thailand and Laos adapted from a pick-up or a larger truck and used as a share taxi or bus.

About the bus brand, after several researches, we figured out that the most suitable bus brand that you can rely on is Phantrip. You should choose big bus with about 40 seats, because it is the most comfortable.

Basically, above is the most convenient way (in Asia Marvels’ opinion and experience) to travel from Phuket to Koh Samui. In order to explore more about the beauty of this island and Thailand in general, you can refer to our different notes about this magnificent nation.

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