Travelling To Thailand Through Beautiful And Impressive Pictures

Many tourists from all over the world consider Thailand as a country of “something special, which is worth discovering and exploring”. You can visit the famous city – Chiang Mai, located in the Northen area of the country with ancient and religious pagodas as well as the wildlife conservation area, or even Andaman sea – the Western coastline of Thailand.

In general, Thailand tourism attracts visitors not only by the huge number of amazing, charming and pristine natural landscapes but also by the hospitality of friendly and gracious people.

These following incredible images will present a part of the ideal tourist destination that can make you “long for” a journey to discover this land of golden pagodas.

Wat Dokeung pagoda is a temple of golden Buddha in Chiang Mai, Thailand with elaborate and sculptural works of art. Coming to this place, you will probably fall in love with all of its architectural aspects

The girl is selling … pigeons in bamboo cages.

Chiang Mai night market – where you can find any type of food that you want to taste. One round tour to eat diverse local food is obviously worth trying.

Anyone who has traveled to Southeast Asia has at least one tuk-tuk trip, especially Thailander.

Public transportation is available everywhere: You can go “hitchhiking” with these farmers to get back to the city.

The Palong tribe – who live near the borders of Burma, are known for their colorful traditional costumes.

The long neck Karen – Women of the tribe often wear bronze bracelets around their necks. It seems like their neck is stretched with the heavy weight of the rings, however, they still look very impressive.

The monks are praying most of the time during a day: The mantras with very special and unique sounds are read by the Buddhist monks.

A temple of silver pagoda named Wat Sri Suphan: The Thai people pay a lot attention to the details. The photo is about a worker engraving patterns on a wall, very carefully and meticulously.

A monk’s colourful outfit

Wat Kutao pagoda, Chiang Mai – where a stuffed crocodile is placed in the middle of the main hall. The combination of Stuffed Buddha and the crocodile makes the temple more attractive.

The young monks at Wat Kutao, Chiang Mai: The beauty of the Buddhist monks’ robes can give you a sense of lightness and peace.

Royal Palace in Bangkok – The Grand Palace

A corner of Grand Palace

Sun set in Phuket is incredible

The beautiful blue sea Phuket

The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket is not suitable for feeble people or those with blood phobia. Visitors will witness the sightings of sharp objects or knives piercing the attendants’ cheeks; observe them walking on hot coals and other types of mortification….

Poi dancers can be found everwhere throughout Southeast Asia.

Phi Phi Don island

Ships on the island often have complex decorations, including colourful clothes and ribbons on the bow.

Maya Bay: Famous for the film named “The Beach” with the participation of Leonardo DiCaprio. On the other hand, Maya Bay is considered to be the quintessential tropical paradise for travelers and the most beautiful bay of Phi Phi Leh Island in the Koh Phi Phi Archipelago, Southern Thailand.

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