Traveling With Kids – Things To Do In Penang With Family


Penang is a great place for family holiday as they have plenty of exciting activities for you to do with your kids. When you take your children with you on a trip, of course you would want to strengthen the family bond and let them learn more about the world. With some, the kids may even be the top prioriy of their trip, not themselves.

Things to do in Penang with family

In order to make it easier for you to plan a family trip in Penang and here are some exciting things to do in Penang with family.

1. Visit Penang Municipal Park (Also known as Youth Park)

Number one place should belong to the Youth Park, and its name speaks for itself. This public park will make your kids so exciting with huge playgrounds, coutless outdoor games and several splash and cascading swimming pools to jump in. The pools are beautiful and clean with fountains surrounded for kids to play around.

It’s also convenient with the bathrooms and changing rooms, so you won’t worry about getting wet. Just pay a little attention to Muslim modesty, who do not wear revealing swimsuits or you will get a lot of glances. This park is also free to enter.

2. Test your kids in Escape Adventure Park

If you kids are older and active, a complex of amusement parks and gym toghether with obstacle sequences will be a better place for them. In Escape, you can find many actions, from zipping lines, rope ladders to hanging bridge. Your kids can test their balance, strength and feel a bit of thrill.

A quick note for this park is they will close on Monday. Beside they have some strict rules. Visitors can not bring outside food and beverage inside the park. Kids under six are also limited to some activities so make sure you check their website first for more details information.

3. Learn something new in Penang Butterfly Garden

Beautiful butterflies in Entropia

Besides sweating activities, there is one option for learning activitie in the Butterfly Garden. You might think watching butterflies flying around is boring but you will be amazed right when you come in. The details on growing process of a butterfly and tons of other insects like spiders and scorpions will let you and your kids totally lost in this park.

There are hundreds of butterflies in the garden so remember to have your camera ready to capture some memorable moments with your kids. A small tip here is you can get 20% discount if you come on Wednesday and 10% discount for early bird booking 03 days.

4. Hunt for artworks in Street Art in Georgetown

Popular street art in Georgetown

This place is a must see place for everyone who set foot on Malaysia. Amazing artworks on the street will blow your mind and inspire your kids. There are many famous artworks and a map to find them provided in most restaurants or shops. Playing a game of seeking all of the great art, means having a great time with your kids and plenty of excellent and creative pictures for your children.

5. Take the funicular railway to Penang Hill

Funicular railways to Penang Hill

The railway is always appealing to kids and so does the railway up to Penang. Get on the top then you will get a beautiful view of Penang. There is also a small playground for your kids, a Hindu temple, and other minor attractions to see up there. For a better experience, avoid going up there on the weekend because this is a very popular attraction and could be overcrowded.

6. Cruise to Monkey Beach and Turtle Sanctuary in Penang National Park

Penang national parks contains all hiking, swimming, and wildlife exploring for a full day traveling. The highlights of this trip will be the Monkey beach and the Turtle Sanctuary. Your kids can run along the beautiful beach and interact with the animals on the island. Most of them are friendly, but it’s still better to look after your kids while they play with the monkeys. Also pay attention to your belongings and foods too.

For the Turtle Sanctuary, besides many tanks with live turtle, there is a small pool with several baby sea turtles. Your kids will be attracted to this, and it’s good and fun for them to observe those baby turtles. A little note is if you plan to swim on the island, check the water to make sure there is no jellyfish in there.


Penang is a fun and enjoyable destination for your family from winter to spring holiday because it will be in the dry season. There are lots of things to do in Penang with family for most of the time over the years. Be balance between learning and outdoor activities then Penang can suit for any kids you are going with.

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