Travel to Thailand – Where should you go? (Part 1)

Bangkok (GMT: +7) is the capital in and the largest city in Thailand. Due to the fact that it is located in the middle of Thailand, it takes almost the same time to travel to the Chiengmai in the north and Phuket Island in the south from Bangkok. It also has the highest amount of Buddhist temples in the world, hence it is also called “the city of Buddhism”.

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Bangkok is a city that has a strong inclusive and it never bored its visitors. One of the reasons why it has attracted so many travelers is the large contrast you would find here. In Bangkok, you could enjoy the profoundness of its history, or shop in the modern mall; enjoy the snacks on the street, or have a luxury meal in the five-star hotel; pray in the temple to purify your soul, or indulge yourself in the nightlife.
In this article, I am going to continue to talk about top destinations in Bangkok.


Erawan Shrine

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Located at the intersection of Rd. Ratchadamri and Rd. Phloen Chit, Erawan Shrine is one of the most popular pray spots in Thailand. There is a Buddha figure with four heads placed in the shrine. Four heads represent career, marriage, fortune and peace. It is considered to be the most merciful god. Hence the follower would have vegan meals days before praying to the Erawan Shrine. The shrine was built in 1956 for good fortune for a hotel built at that time. Although buildings nearby have changed over the past decades, the shrine remains. There are many believers coming here every day. If their wishes have been granted, they would come back again to present offerings as gratitude. There is a certain set of routines about how to pray: started with the first side of the god you saw, praying to each of the side in the clock-wise direction and presenting one candle and one flower to each side; in the end, put the water nearby on the forehead, arms and hand. Flowers and candles sells in the stall nearby with 25 B a set.
It is recommended to visit here between November and April when there is a mild climate. The opening hour is from 7: 00-23: 00, and no ticket is required.


Vimanmek Mansion Palace

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Vimanmek Mansion Palace was built in 1900 and moved to Bangkok later. It is the world largest and best palace made of teakwood. Placed on a large lawn, the architecture is a bit European-styled. It was said the king built this palace after travelling around the Europe. It is not allowed to bring cameras, phones, or even handbags with you within the palace. There would be deposit boxes that you can rent in order to store your belongings. The fee for a small box is 20 B and 35 B for a large box. You have to take off your shoes as well before entering the palace. Also, it would be better to wear dress or pants cover the knees.
It is more like a museum in the palace. There are exhibitions of rooms and furniture used by kings as well exchanged gifts between countries. You can find a large number of exhibitions here including silverware, ceramic, typewriter as well as jewels to name but a few.
The opening hour is from 9: 30-16: 00 (the entrance would be closed at 15: 15). The ticket sells at 100 per person; however, you can visit the palace for free if you have the ticket of the Grand Palace. Since the day you purchased the ticket of the Grand Palace, you could visit the Vimanmek Mansion Palace for free once in the next 7 days.


Wat Arun

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Wat Arun, is one of the royal temples in Thailand, located along Chao Phraya River. It was built to honor Thai 41th emperor and national hero Zhao Zheng, who was a Chinese that led the local to defeat the enemy in the year 1768. There are five Buddhism-styled towers – one big tower with four smaller ones. The big one is 79 meters high, which was built in the year 1809. It is well-known as “Thai version of Eiffel Tower”. You can climb (there are stairs) to the top of the tower to enjoy the bird-view of Bangkok. Compared with the crowded Grand Palace with numerous tourist groups, Wat Arun attracts more of the local people who come to pray with flowers. In addition, the sunset view here is stunning.
The opening hour is from 9: 00 to 17: 00 with ticket selling at 50 B.

More informational about sightseeing in other destinations in Thailand would be introduced in the next article.


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