Tourists In Thailand Caught Having Sex In Back Of A TUK TUK

A couple has been captured on film having sex in the back of a Tuk Tuk on the Thai tourist island of Phuket.

The video taken by a vehicle traveling behind the Tuk Tuk as the two foreigners romped in the back has gone viral overnight.

X-rated footage shows the man sat against the side of the tuk tuk while the woman in a short skirt straddles him.

She can be seen rocking back and forth as they get carried away with the raunchy display.

The 28-second long clip by a local, Sornchai Uadsree, was filmed in the village of Karon on the island.

“Can’t they wait until they arrive at a hotel?” Uadsree says in a social media post.

Many expressed anger towards the couple, saying this type of incident should not be allowed to happen.

Some said that officials should investigate the incident, especially the driver of the tuk-tuk who made no attempt to stop the couple from doing what they were doing.

The licence plate of the vehicle is visible it would be easy to track down the driver and the hotel where he delivered the holidaymakers. They could be arrested and made to apologise if police decide to take action.

 So remember guys, don’t do anything reckless just because nobody around really know you, the consequences might be worse than you think.


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