Top 5 Cambodia Attractions You Simply Cannot Miss

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country located on the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand in the south, Thailand in the west, Laos in the north and Vietnam in the east. Cambodia attracts visitors with its unique travel experiences. Cambodia is not only famous for its well-known Angkor Complex as well as gems and diamonds at the Silver Pagoda but also offers visitors a chance to explore the rich culture of this country. The following are 5 Cambodia attractions you cannot miss if coming here.

1. Angkor Wat - Angkor Thom

Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom are both in Siem Reap Province. Angkor Wat has a circumference of about 6 km and an area of about 200 ha. The highest point is the tower at the main temple, with a height of 65m. Designed with the entrance to the west, Angkor Wat makes people who entering the temple feel surprised because the image of the giant temple is prominent in the light of the sun.

The entrance to Angkor Wat Temple.

In addition to that feeling, Angkor Wat is also impressed with the Apsara fairy statues on most of the walls and each flower or grass texture is carefully cared for each step of the wall.

Angkor Thom was built by King Jayavarman VII at the end of the 12th century. The whole area is about 9 km². Angkor Thom architecture is built in the Bayon style, exhibiting the size of the building. The main material to build this temple is the laterite with the images of the human face and the Naga in each tower.

2. Silver Pagoda and the Royal Palace of Cambodia

It seems that you have to go much, but in fact, the Golden and Silver Pagoda is located within the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. The Royal Palace is a complex of buildings where the Royal Kingdom was built more than a century ago to serve the monarchs, kings and foreign guests. It is also a venue for the regent, diplomatic ceremonies and other royal ceremonies.

The Golden Pagoda and the Silver Pagoda are actually the same place

To the Cambodian Imperial Palace, you will have the opportunity to see the king throne, the places where the king reads the book and where the solemn events take place ... Especially, if the dark blue flag is pulled down, you will have the opportunity to observe the whereabouts of the contemporary king.

Leaving the palace and turning to the right, you will come to the Silver Pagoda. Many people mistakenly think that there are two pagodas called the Golden Pagoda and the Silver Pagoda due to the name, but actually, there is only one. At the Silver Pagoda, you will place the barefoot on silver pieces weighing more than 1kg lined as a brick or contemplate a series of giant statues made of pearls with numerous gemstones or diamonds in a great size on the statues and objects.

Note: The ticket price is 6 USD/person. This site opens from 8 - 11 a.m and from 2 – 5 p.m daily. When visiting the Royal Palace of Cambodia, do not wear shorts, underarms, and slippers.

3. Sihanoukville

The next destination in the list of Best Cambodia attractions is the sea city of Sihanoukville. The Sihanoukville Beach is mild and calm because the beaches are arched. In particular, the beaches here do not have rocks, crustaceans or shells on the shore. Sihanoukville is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in Cambodia. It is not so crowded that visitors can take a swim here depending on the amount of money they choose.

Sihanoukville is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in Cambodia

In Sihanoukville, besides swimming, you can explore the 21,000ha Ream National Park, the Victory Hill at the height of 60m, or climb the Sihanouk Mountain at the height of 132m to capture the panoramic view of this sea city. Do not forget to take a city tour with Golden Lion monument, Independence Square, Victory Monument, Lower Pagoda and Upper Pagoda.

Note: One thing you should not ignore here is to enjoy seafood at the most affordable prices in the area. Specifically, the price of a hearty meal of seafood only ranges from $ 5 - $ 10.

4. Tonle Sap Lake

Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and also one of the most famous Cambodia attractions. It has a great influence on the country. Some travel companies often do not list the Tonle Sap Lake on the list of destinations. However, if you go to Cambodia without visiting the lake, you almost lost one-third meaning of the trip.

Tonle Sap - the largest lake in Southeast Asia

This is considered an attractive eco-tourism area of Siem Reap province. Tonle Sap means "big freshwater river" which is a combination of large lake and river in Siem Reap province, just 25km from Siem Reap city center. Coming to Tonle Sap in the dry season (from November to May), visitors will find this place has a shallow water level of just 1 meter and a total water surface of about 10,000 m2. In the rainy season in Cambodia (from June to October), Tonle Sap has a remarkable change when the Tonle Sap River turns upstream, turning Lake Ho to a vast water area of about 16,000 m2 with the average depth of 9 meters. Thanks to its vastness, Tonle Sap Lake has become a great breeding ground for fishes.

Today, Tonle Sap is not only a great source of fish for the people in Cambodia but also one of the Cambodia attractions with some interesting activities as follow:

- Cruising on the lake: This is one of the interesting experiences when traveling to Tonle Sap. Guests will enjoy the cool breeze, watch the lake and watch the scenery of local life. Sometimes you will be startled when you see some boats on which there is a giant python. This will make your trip more enjoyable and memorable. A tour of the lake will also take you to the floating restaurant to enjoy cool coconut water and climb up to the upper floors for sightseeing.

- Visiting mangrove forest: The green mangrove forests surrounding the floating villages are one of the characteristics not to be missed when visiting Tonle Sap. Guests will sit on a wooden boat to go around the forest.

- Exploring the Prek Toal bird sanctuary: This reserve is located northwest of the lake and is also an interesting sight in Siem Reap. At this point, visitors have the opportunity to watch many endangered birds such as white-milk storks, gray-footed pelican, and gray headland. Besides, the tourists also climb to the observation tower to see the immense landscape.

 - Experiencing the homestay: After visiting all over the Tonle Sap Lake, you can relax at the local people's home with Homestay service. This is a great opportunity to experience the peaceful river life, integrate into the normal life of the local people and enjoy many attractive dishes processed from fish caught on the lake.

5. The Cambodian Killing Fields

With the human bone scattered across the land, along with panels like "Tomb of 100 infants and mother", "Tomb having the most corpses with 450 dead", "Tomb of 166 headless corpses", "The grave of 87 people losing their legs" and the shelf displaying more than 8000 human skulls, the Cambodian Killing Fields bring gloomy look and the sense of suffocation for visitors. Coming here, you will understand more about the history of Cambodia and the pain they have suffered.

Maybe no place in the world can cause tourists to be both heartbreaking and frightened as shivering fear in Choeung Ek killing field. About 14.5 km from Phnom Penh and only 30 minutes drive, the Choeung Ek killing field is one of most popular tourist destination. This is the place to give visitors the most genuine and pity look of the horrors that occurred in Cambodia under the rule of Polpot.

Choeung Ek was originally a fruit orchard, but later it was used by Polpot as a mass murder camp in Cambodia. Although it has been included in travel, anyone who goes to the field of death has the feeling of choking and shivering when witnessing countless mass graves, some of which are anonymous and some others have eldritch names.

According to the statistics, more than 20,000 people were killed by the Khmer Rouge in Choeung Ek. From the day Cambodia liberated (1979) up to now, only 8,985 corpses were found. Besides, the items used to torture and the music that Polpot turn to overwhelm the cries and the scream of the victims, are reproduced in the relics to help visitors have a more realistic view of genocide.

Maybe no place in the world can cause tourists to be both heartbreaking and frightened as shivering fear in Choeung Ek killing field.

As large as the area of a football field, there are many mass graves found in Choeng Ek. Tourists visiting the field often walk lightly, because beneath that soil may still be the remains of the ill-fated victims. According to the tour guide, in the rainy season, white pieces of bone are still washed away by the soil and exposed outside.

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