Top 10 Amazing Food You Must Try In Philippine

Traveling to the Philippines, the tourists should enjoy ice-cream Halo-Halo, fried shrimp Ukoy, or pizza Pinakbet.
Nikki is a journalist writes about travel, lives in New York, USA. She is the founder of The Pin the Map project – a web page that in the World’s top lists of 100 best travel blogs in 2015. She has traveled and discovered the cuisines in the Philippines. Here are 10 must-try foods suggestion of Nikki for the tourists.

1. Balut

Top 10 Amazing Food You Must Try In Philippine_1

Balut (duck egg) are Nikki considered challenging dishes diners courage in Southeast Asia. Many people who do not know this dish when looking at outside the eggs will only see the boiled eggs, but inside there are the baby ducks are forming after have been hatched for 3 weeks.

2. Sinigang

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The most favorite Filipino food of Nikki is Sinigang – a tamarind soup with both of sweet and sour flavor. The dish made with shrimp, chicken or fish, and even add a little taste of hot spicy makes the diners feel like they are “traveling” all over the Southeast Asia.

3. Empanada


In essence, the Empanada is a kind of cake which is originated from Spain. But Nikki still listed this dish in the list of the Philippines cuisines because it is the very popular street-food here. There are differences between Empanada in each region, such as the northern Philippines, the product contains egg, bean sprouts, spicy sausage and green papaya. Unlike the kind of Empanada you often see, the cake in the Philippines has a dark orange color of the cashew.

4. Halo-halo

Top 10 Amazing Food You Must Try In Philippine_4Halo-halo ice-cream is an ideal cooling dessert in a tropical country such as the Philippines.

Halo-halo is a traditional dessert of the Filipinos, including fruit, cream, beans, gelatin, shaved ice and condensed milk are mixed in a glass cup. The dessert is suitable for cooling.

5. Adobo

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Adobo is a dish with a unique combination of vinegar and meat. This way will help preserve the meat longer, and Filipinos often use vinegar and salt as a method of food preservation. This dish is often made from meat soaking in vinegar, garlic, soy sauce. Adobo is considered as the best dish that clearly shows the influence of other cultures to the Philippines.

6. Ukoy

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The dish is made from fried shrimp but unlike the popular dishes in the West, the Filipinos kept whole the shrimp for processing Ukoy. Eyes, legs, shells are used, the shrimp is fried and arranged on plates. It does not look good but while enjoying the dish, you will be satisfied because the shrimp is so crispy and fragrant.

7. Sisig

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The name of this dish means sour snack that made from chopped meat from head and liver of the pig with lemon and chili. Recently, a world-famous chef Anthony Bourdain also introduced this dish in the TV show.

8. Ube

Top 10 Amazing Food You Must Try In Philippine_8The seductive purple colour in ice-cream is made from potatoes.

Uber is a prominent blue-violet ice-cream of Filipinos. Not too sweet, the Ube ice-cream has an unique flavor because it is made from purple sweet potatoes.

9. Isaw

Top 10 Amazing Food You Must Try In Philippine_9

Culinary enthusiasts need discover more about Isaw – The chicken-heart-skewers, a very popular street food of the Philippines. Before wrinkling your face when heard the word “chicken heart”, you should know that they are clean, boiled and skewered, finally dipped in chili source. Isaw is the dish that must chew a lot, soft and slightly bitter.

10. Pinakbet Pizza

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Pinakbet is the dish of Filipinos with much of vegetables, steamed with fish or with shrimp sauce. You can guess just by listening to the name of it, this dish is a version of pizza that the ingredients are put on top with shrimp sauce.


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