12 Tips For Smart And Fast Travelling Packaging

Many people following mobilizing and love travelling but they don’t know how to pack their luggage. Bringing along tons of stuff that can makes you confusing before you start your journey. So the question is “how to bring enough stuff without any effort for those tons of stuff?

Those 12 tips of fast smart packaging are for your reference:

1. Rolling clothes, don’t fold it

12-tips-to-pack-your-tons-of-stuff-in-suitcase-1Rolling clothes like this way can help you to save lots of empty space in the suitcase

Rolling clothes is not only way that can help you to have more space inside the suitcase but also stop clothes from wrinkling. If you bring along a brittle bottle, you can roll clothes surrounding it to save time or “kill two birds with one arrow”.


2. Stacking your bra

12-tips-to-pack-your-tons-of-stuff-in-suitcase-2This is how to stack your bra quickly and tidy

Stacking your bras can help to stop it from crushing which is also a worry of almost women before their trip. The simplest way shows you the tips to avoid it. Furthermore, you also can roll them and put inside the bottle, etc.


3. Put you shoes or sandals in a locked plastic bag

12-tips-to-pack-your-tons-of-stuff-in-suitcase-3Let’s put your shoes or sandals in a separated plastic bag or those easy to wash

Bringing shoes is an issue to tourists whenever they travel. In case you don’t want to smeary your clothes or stuff inside the suitcase, you should put it inside a locked bag and tighten it. If you bring along the shower hat, you can invert then put your shoes in that can help us not to smeary other stuff. Then you can wash your shower hat to use as usual.


4. Combining clothes before put them inside your suitcase

12-tips-to-pack-your-tons-of-stuff-in-suitcase-4Let’s mix & match your clothes together before deciding whether to bring it along nor you don’t have to put lots of useless effort

You may once certainly experience the feeling of “bring tons of stuff but there is nothing you really need to use”. The smart choice for this case that you should plan to mix and match clothes set before decide to bring it along. Long trouser is useful in any circumstances thus you don’t have to bring too many trousers. Normally, you can combine a trouser with other two T-shirts with a long and short one.  If you love dress, you can choose the one-piece suit instead of two-pieces.


5. Inverting clothes

12-tips-to-pack-your-tons-of-stuff-in-suitcase-5Inverting clothes can stop it from smeary break-down

Inverting clothes not only can help to stop it from spot but also can keep it straight. If you don’t want to apply this tip to all stuff, at least you should facilitate bright color especially white ones.


6. Put the heaviest stuff near suitcase wheels

Among all of you stuff inside the suitcase, which one is heaviest? Just merely put it near the suitcase’s wheels. It can help not to mix all of your stuff during carrying and moving process at the airport.


7. Put your cosmetics inside a transparent plastic bag

12-tips-to-pack-your-tons-of-stuff-in-suitcase-6You need to put all of your private stuff inside a transparent plastic bag for easier usage

Remember to put your cosmetics or bathroom stuff such as shower, shampoo or others bathroom stuff inside a zipped transparent plastic bag. This way not only can help you from damage or overflow bath but also can help you to find your stuff easily.


8. Put your connecting cable charger inside a glasses box

12-tips-to-pack-your-tons-of-stuff-in-suitcase-7You completely can take advantage from glasses box to contain your headphone or connecting cable charger from damage

Whenever you buy a new glasses you will have a new box of glasses. You can take avantage from those box to contain connecting cable for changer during your trip. It can be used as a container for jewelry or headphone.


9. Wrapping brittle stuff inside your socks


Perfume, oil and other types of brittle bottle should be hide inside your sock. Those socks then should be arranged in the middle among all of your clothes inside the suitcase to make sure its safety.


10. Take advantage from any space inside the suitcase

12-tips-to-pack-your-tons-of-stuff-in-suitcase-9Let’s take advantage of any space inside the suitcase to contain your private stuff

Once you try to arrange cramped suitcase to find a little space for other stuff but there is nothing left, is that true? Look around and you will find that space inside your shoe where always missed while packaging. You can hide many small stuff inside your shoes such as watch or hair-pin tools.


11. Bring along back-up fabric bag

12-tips-to-pack-your-tons-of-stuff-in-suitcase-12Fabric bag is easy to use and fold. It is soft and light that can contain many other stuff

Fabric bag is easy to fold and arrange that can contain many other stuff during your trip. Its main advantage is containing unclean clothes to separate with clean ones during your non-stop trip.


12. Don’t be economical to buy your suitcase

12-tips-to-pack-your-tons-of-stuff-in-suitcase-10You should take all advantage to the space inside the suitcase to contain your stuff during your trip

Chose a suitable suitcase can be useful in some case such as remarks your fashion style or even help you to bring your stuff with less effort during your trip. To the trip with far distance, you should choose a floral or motif ones which help to save time to find your luggage at the airport. The most important feature to choose the right one is its weigh and durability. You can save your money but not for your suitcase because it will follow you whenever you go or during your trip.

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