Do You Tip In Thailand?

When you go traveling, the tip money is very normal. However, it is not always and not anyone you have to tip. Just give it to the following people: tour guides, waiters, porters and room attendants… One more point to note is that you should also choose the suitable time and consider what situation you should tip or not. Here are the advices for you.

Principles of tipping

Every year, Thailand welcomes a large number of visitors from all over the world. Travelers in each country have different ways of tipping, and tip money is not the same in every part of Thailand. The larger the number of European tourists is, the more tip money the servants can receive, so they are more satisfied with the job. However, the car drivers never get bothered when guests pay the bill without giving more “tip”.

Thailand people often do not give each other tips, however, tourists will often pay this when staying at hotels and having meals in luxurious restaurants. Even car parking instructors in luxury locations expect you to pay them 20THB (0.6$). Some notes for you:

  • Restaurant: Pay a little more than 10% of the amount you pay for your meal
  • Hotel staff: 20THB (0.6$) for luggage carriers and car parking instructors
  • Taxi drivers: Rounding up the money you have to pay or let the drivers keep the extra money

The objects you should give tip money

Tour guides (10-20 USD / tour guide)

Tour guide in Thailand

Providing tour guides tip money seems to be an unwritten rule. The tip for the tour guide obviously is not included in the cost of the tour you have paid for travel companies, but some companies have specific regulation about tip money for their tour guides. In this situation, the tour guides are not allowed to ask the tip anymore from the visitors.

Some big travel companies do not have a clear regulation about this issue: Tipping for tour guide or not is depended on you. Generally, you have to understand that when you choose the tour of the travel companies, you will spend a small tip for the guide because you are sure to want a more enthusiastic tour guide, and the tour guides also want a decent amount of income.

In this case, both visitors and guides benefit each other, so you should not be costive. When traveling in a big group, you should ask the representative or the head of the delegation to stand up for tips and send back to the guide.

Room attendants ($ 1-5 / day)

Regarding the rules, you do not need to tip money for room attendants, because whether or not to be tipped, the room attendant will also fulfill his or her duties.

However, if you are already in a luxury hotel for a business trip that you know you would choose staying at this hotel many times, spending a small amount of tip money in bed when leaving the hotel is highly recommended .Because at that time, the hotel attendants are impressed with you and when you come back next time, you will probably be served more enthusiastically and preferentially.

Tip when you leave the room

If you only stay in a budget hotel or motel, you do not have to pay tip money for room attendants.
In Thailand’s luxurious hotels, you should tip about 1-5$/day.

Porters (1-2 USD/Bag)

At the hotels in Thailand, especially the luxurious hotels, the luggage porters are looking forward to the tip from guests staying at their hotels. You should give tips to them when they arrive in the room, but only the porters who bring your luggage to the room and not the porters who bring the bags from the car to check-in counter.

The porter in the hotel

When you come to 5-star hotels in Bangkok, do not forget to tip the luggage porters from 20 to 50THB (0.6-1.5$) depending on the number of suitcases you have.

Waiters (1$/meal)

The waiter in a Thailand restaurant

The tip money in the restaurant will depend on how well you are cared for, such as when ordering, enjoying and charging, the waiter responds skillfully or with uncomfortable attitude. Based on the service attitude, you will provide the corresponding tip rate. Do not tip based on the quality of the dish, the waiter cannot take responsibility for the chef. In Thailand, at the restaurant, the diners often tip a waiter for 1$/meal.

Massage staff in Spa (10-15% of your bill)

You should tip for Spa staff in Thailand

Spa staff’s wages are relatively low and they often live on the tip, so you should also tip them a bit. It is usually 10 – 15% of your total cost. In Thailand, the tip money in the spa is compulsory.

Driver (1-2$)

Tipping for taxi drivers is not mandatory, but rounding out the rates to 5 or 10THB (0.15-0.3$) is quite common. It is really good to do this because taxi drivers have very low incomes and have to work in many hours under the stress conditions.

Taxi in Thailand

In Thailand, because taxi fares are quite cheap and the taxi drivers work in tough city traffic conditions, they will be grateful if you spend generously on tips.

1 USD for the taxi driver and 2 USD/hour for the private driver is the common tip.

Above are some notes you should pay attention about tipping in Thailand. We hope that it will be helpful for your trip in this beautiful country.


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