Thug Life Monkeys In Bali Island

They choose the thug life or the thuglife chooses them?

A group of monkey in Uluwatu Temple in Bali, Indonesia has developed a very special behavior.These mischievous monkeys take tourists’ belongings and only return them when they receive some kinds of ransom(see video below).

Although this behavior has been reported at Uluwatu Temple for years, it had never been seen in the wild.

“It’s a unique behavior. The Uluwatu Temple is the only place in Bali where it’s found” said Fany Brotcorne, a primatologist at the University of Liège in Belgium.

You have been warned

With each generation, the monkeys have grown bolder and have learned from their parents that if they hold onto the stolen goods, they will get a tasty treat.The monkeys are actually pretty smart to be able to pull this stunt off over generations, the scientists say.

Brotcorne says her work should help researchers learn more about the psychology of primates: how information is transmitted among groups, how much they understand their own actions and how they plan for the future. It could even help answering questions about the evolution of our own cognitive abilities. “Bartering and trading skills are not well known in animals. They are usually defined as exclusive to humans,” she says.

What the scientist learned from the mischievous behavior of the monkey of Uluwatu Temple is really awesome. But to us traveler, we better focus on protecting our stuff from these seem-to-be-innocent monkeys when visiting Bali Island.

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