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Asia Marvels’ journalist just realized that the series of guide to Thailand focuses almost on the most popular and dynamic places in Thai, which is quite well-known. This time, we will bring to you the totally different feeling with our experience in Pai, a peaceful and magnificent village.

Pai is a very tiny and beautiful town located in the north of Chiang Mai and is 130km away from this city. If you love the old town in Chiang Mai, you will fall in love more deeply with the beauty of Pai. The best time to visit Pai is from October to April. You should keep an eye on Loy Krathong festival.

In our previous post, we already shares our experience about travelling from Chiang Mai to Pai. This time, we will figure the specific things that you should definitely try when coming to this town.

The bungalows

One thing which tourists never can forget is bungalow. Perhaps this is the best choice for you to stay in Pai. You can enjoy the fascinating feeling when spending your time in the beautiful bungalows along the river. Yes, it is the river which creates the magnificent views for all those bungalows. The Pai River is extremely gorgeous and peaceful. All of the sorrows, worries and matters in your normal life will definitely stay aside, leave the space in your soul for a relaxing moment, the thing we all need in this complicate world.

The price for staying in bungalow is usually at least 200 baht. After our journey, we figure out that Baan riverside resort is the best place to stay. This resort has enough space for you to take a rest. From the balconies, you and your friend could enjoy the meal, drink wine and witness the amazing sunset on Pai River.

The price in the low season for a bungalow like this is about 400baht/day in the low season. One thing to be noted is that in the high season, the price might go up, sometimes triples the one in the low season.

Admire the whole town from a high viewpoint

There are some places in Pai from which you can witness the movement of the whole town, on the high hills. From our experience, the highest point is 10 kilometers away from Pam Bok Waterfall. From the waterfall, you can find the way there by referring to the large signpost.

Another point is from the coffee shop named Coffee In Love. This is a coffee shop designed by the European style, extremely beautiful and romantic. For those who prefer taking photos, this is an ideal place.

Exploring the caves

Not only the islands can bring the caves for you to explore, from Pai, you can also have this experience. However, you have to travel about 45 kilometers away from the town. With that distance, to the Mea Hong Son direction, there is an amazing cave called Tham Lod. However, the way to this cave is quite slippery. For experience motor riders, renting a motor is a good choice because it helps you conveniently and actively organizing your trip. If you travel in a big group, the best way is to take a taxi and go straight away to the cave from Pai. There are many other caves, but Tham Lod is still the best, according to many tourists.


Food is one of the most considerable factors which decide the attraction of a destination. Pai is not an exception. Similar to Bangkok, Chiang Mai or any other provinces in Thailand, Pai is the heaven for all street food lovers. Almost every food stalls are on the same road. The interesting point is that from there, you can find several types of food from Thailand, China and the West. Especially, the vitamins here are extremely delicious and cheap.

This “eating road” somehow becomes the “invisible link” which connects tourists all over the world. Almost everyone who visited was strongly attracted by this town and decided to stay for 4 or 5 days. This is not only where you can relax, play, but also where you can make friends with people from different nations.

Night life

Many readers asked Asia Marvels if there is any interesting thing in night, at a peaceful and quiet town like Pai. The answer is yes, absolutely. There are still bars for you to enjoy. Sunset Bar and Yellow Bar open from 9 pm to 12 am. After that time, there is Don’t Cry Bar if you still want to have some drinks.

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