Things You Should Not Miss When Coming To Thailand

Thailand is currently attracting millions of tourists every year due to its magnificent landscape and amazing festivals and culture. There are certain things that you definitely don’t want to miss when visiting this nation.

1. The floating markets

The boats floating on the river sell all kinds of fruit or local specialties, is what people can see in a floating market. You can sit on a boat, travel along the river and admire the beauty of people’s daily life. On the two riverbanks, there are also busy markets with colorful stuffs.

Foreign tourists often feel excited when wandering around the peaceful countryside in a boat. The most popular float markets in Thailand are Amphawa, DamnoenSaduak and KhlongLatMayom.

DamnoenSaduak floating market

2.  The beautiful beaches

Being considered as tourism the tropical paradise of Southeast Asia, Thailand is famous for having many gorgeous beaches and islands such as Phuket, Phi Phi, KohSamui, HuaHin or Krabi. The country has tons of visitors in any season of the year. A peaceful space with white-sand beaches, sun shining and diverse sea species will be an ideal destination for those who are seeking for a “tropical vacation” in Asia.

Kamala beach, Thailand

3. Shopping at MBK center

Thailand also has many shopping places which offer all kinds of products, from cheap products to luxury brands. The largest shopping mall is MBK, which is an 8-storey building with more than 2,000 shops of products and services, 150 dining outlets and many movie theaters. The stuffs which could be bargained for are clothing, cosmetic, leather, jewelry and electronics.

MBK center is one of the largest shopping mall in Asia

4. Riding elephants

There is a very interesting and unique activity which you could hardly find in any other tourism nations in Asia: riding elephants. Sitting on an elephant and crossing the forests will definitely be an experience that you must have in this nation. This is one of the most popular services which bring the unforgettable moments for any one. Tourists can try riding an elephant in KhaoYai national park or the elephant village in Pattaya.

This is an amazing experience

5. Street food

There is no doubt that street food is an iconic element of Thailand. When hearing Thais cuisines, people immediately think about the spicy of chili, the sour and sweet flavors of special spices such as garlic, galangal, citronella, lemon leaves…Via the precise combination of the ingredients, Thailand is known as one of the nations which have the most diverse food culture all over the world. The most common traditional foods that tourists should try are papaya salad, Tom Yum (shrimp soup) and Kang Phed (spicy soup).

Many other delicious foods are sold on the street of several big cities, like Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Together with famous destinations, Thailand is attracting tourists from many nations by its food culture. Some people even have brought the formula of certain foods in Thailand to their own nation for business.

Street food is a culture in Thailand

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