The Hidden Place of Paradise in Sihanoukville, Campodia

Sihanoukville is located in the southern part of Cambodia’s Koh Rong archipelago known across Koh Ouen and Koh Bong two original islands, connected by a wooden bridge. Locals will be referred SongSaa, meaning “lover”, this is an intimate romantic hideaway. This private island like two rare pearl gently scattered outside Sihanoukville 40 minutes boat ride in the blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Back in early 2012, “New York Times” selected the “2012 Global Top 20 destinations” Koh Rong archipelago on out there. “Forbes” will also be included in its “Asia’s 22 best big beach.” Claw Long Islands already known overseas but is not known to the people.

The Hidden Place of Paradise in Sihanoukville, Campodia_1This is an original ecological island

Green and white on blue sea, lush island group, in the blue water against the background like gem shine, Imagine, just still on the clean beach stroll, walk a few steps to get started rainforest adventure.


SongSaa Island Resort

The Hidden Place of Paradise in Sihanoukville, Campodia_2

The Old Style Love Story

Mid-twelfth century, in Indochina there is a rich country, in the northern border of the Hindu mythology and Buddhism to create this spectacular majestic “Chenla kingdom,” the rich and powerful national strength, even when the power of China’s Yuan Dynasty, had sent envoy Zhou Daguan true Kingdom Prince traveled visit.
At the same time with the southern border of the small fishing village, a pair of newlyweds feeling good, her husband has lost sight fishing. Huazhexiaochuan new wife, found the broken vessel husband driving, heartbroken wife in the middle of the sea on an island, Kugan tears, he jumped off the sea, and her husband were sleeping in this sea of relentless.
In the eighteenth century, the French biologist Henry ‧ El Amor accidentally discovered in the forests of the ancient city of Angkor temple ruins of this amazing grand, published Travels, uncover buried in the ancient city of Angkor in jungle centuries secret.
The late nineteenth century, the French colonized Cambodia, located south of this small fishing village, beautiful beaches and fine clean blue sea, the French colonialists resort. And this is [Forbes] and [Travel & Leisure] Evaluation Asia ten most beautiful beaches of Sihanoukville (Sihanoukville), is to become the European travelers in Asia Private vacation spots.

The Hidden Place of Paradise in Sihanoukville, Campodia_3
Love Story nowadays

Decided to buy this beautiful love story circulating two island, build SongSaa Private island owner, it is Rory Hunter couple from Australia. In 2005, in the advertising of designer Rory and his wife Melita honeymoon to Cambodia, Sihanoukville rent a small fishing boat out to sea explorers stumbled on these two beautiful sea central island, a “heart-shaped” in Koh Bong, as well as another Koh Ouen “teardrop-shaped” in the Khmer language is the “couple, husband and wife” means, in-depth understanding of these two islands spread poignant love story, so deeply in love with Rory and Melita this piece of undeveloped paradise.
Unfortunately, it was Mrs. Melita cancer, two couples choose to come to this city of Sihanoukville convalescence. During this time, in honor of their great love, the two decided to rent the island while they recuperate resort built here. Blessed in this super-good environment, Melita cancer gradually recovered, as a designer, she designed a hands ~ Song Saa resort, this way, Valentine’s Day 2012 official opening SongSaa Private Island, in time and space staggered love story, to create a stunning and moving luxury private resort islands.
Main island of the couple said: “Maybe the island found us, not that we found the island but who knows for sure is that our future is deeply intertwined. And Valentine Song Saa Island UK Conde Nast Traveller has been elected to the 2012 Hot List, and is warmed honeymoon love paradise. But also for Prince Andrew, David Beckham, Brad Pitt … and other well-known characters are unforgettable holiday village.


Places in SongSaa Island

1.      Vista Restaurant and Lounge- 360degree view

The Hidden Place of Paradise in Sihanoukville, Campodia_4

Nature, more subtle, more hidden life and pure essence. Through different world, but the complex, everything will return to tranquility. Here the unique organic vegetable garden. This is unheard of in other islands. Guests before dinner, you can go to the organic vegetable garden, take off your favorite vegetables, pay to the hands of the chef. That is here, enjoy the food at the time as you like, as it were, the island received a gift, feel gorgeous. Vista restaurant on the sea, a day for your service. When you want to eat, where every waiter for your Stand By sea breeze blowing, drink cocktails, eat food. 360 unsheltered unrivaled views of the rising sun or the stars stroll scenes you can see. Look at the beauty while also indulge in the embrace of traditional Khmer cuisine and Western dishes in the modern.


2.      Driftwood Bar

The Hidden Place of Paradise in Sihanoukville, Campodia_5

Located in the beach, in a relaxed, easy-based. Snacks, beer, cocktails, wine, and so can appear here. Of course, this can also provide private candlelight dinner. Dining table decoration in soft and delicate sand, the traveler meal, to create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere.


3.      In- Villi Dining

The Hidden Place of Paradise in Sihanoukville, Campodia_6

Private dining space within the villa. Song Saa within a rich villa dining menu selection, of course, one of the most intimate dining spaces.


4.      Destination Dinning

You can select a favorite natural places, Song Saa think you can create a special dining experience in particular, whether in the jungle or on the beach.


5.      Spa

Two larger islands “Koh Bong (Beef Island)” to preserve the pristine tropical rainforest, set the essence of the surrounding nature, the local mining plants and herbs, with a sand island with rich iron ore, the planning area and the rainforest walk conservation areas, only a few buildings built in the trees stand tall with local characteristics of the tree house as SPA massage area, coaxing visitors strolling through the tropical rainforest and enjoy phytoncid baptism, along with the natural movement of insects and birds a world of people and inner joy Fangning Jing reconnect, and by paying back the original mind; to experience compassion to bring healing power conversion, the full enjoyment of body, mind and spirit are restored quiet and harmonious SPA, yoga, meditation, etc. spa treatments.


Hotels in SongSaa Island

The Hidden Place of Paradise in Sihanoukville, Campodia_7

1.      Jungle Vila

Villa suitable for couples or lovers live, hold up a canopy in the rainforest, where you can sit overlooking the open look of the sea, enjoy the sunrise and sunset magnificent freedom.


2.      Ocean View Villa

The Hidden Place of Paradise in Sihanoukville, Campodia_8

Exclusive beach party, Cheong tours magnificent sunset, and enjoy two of the world in the room or on the beach, candlelight dinners.


3.      Over Water Villa

The Hidden Place of Paradise in Sihanoukville, Campodia_9

Extend to the viewing platform on the sea, you can make easily available from the balcony of the exclusive ocean wide, on the platform as well as a comfortable bed, you can comfortably enjoy the sea view.

The Hidden Place of Paradise in Sihanoukville, Campodia_10


4.      Jungle Villa

In the jungle fully protect your privacy, and the whole meaning you presents ultra-wide 180-degree ocean views. Two bedrooms with two beds, two bathrooms, indoor and outdoor shower and two large washbasin. Villa is also equipped with an oven in the kitchen, you can make cooking exhibition.

The Hidden Place of Paradise in Sihanoukville, Campodia_11


5.      Over Water Villa

180-degree panoramic views of the perfect sunset for the pursuit of a sense of space and privacy you particularly ideal. From the private balcony you can step into the sea one foot in the pool where you can see this sun slowly slid into the sea. Two bedrooms with two beds, two bathrooms, indoor and outdoor shower and two large washbasin. Villa is also equipped with an oven in the kitchen, you can make cooking exhibition.


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