Thailand Travel “Warnings”: Things Tourists Should And Should Not Do

Thailand is a nation which has a great worship toward their king and Buddhism. When visiting this country, some notable attentions about this will help your trip smooth, successful and memorable.

1.   The King

Thais people have a deep, honest love with King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX). For example, in the cinema, before the movie being showed, there is usually a short film about the king, and all the people in the cinema will stand up to show their respect. If you are in this situation, you better stand up with them. In any case, expressing impolite or disrespectful attitudes toward the King means that you are offending Thais people. A Thai people could be put in prisons if they have such those unacceptable behaviors. For foreigners, they could be expelled immediately if their actions seriously damage the image of Thailand’s king. Therefore, not matter what your political and religious opinion is, show some respects.


2.   The monk

Touching the monk or give them anything directly, is an unacceptable behavior at anywhere in Thailand. Therefore, when visiting the pagodas, temples or standing in a crowd, try to not touching any monk.


3.   Do not wear shoes in the temples or pagodas

This is the rule of not only Thailand but many other Buddhist countries. You should take off your shoes or sandals when getting in houses, temples, pagodas or anywhere else if you see people doing this.


4.   The gifts

Thais people extremely love giving presents to each other. Therefore, if you are invited to some places, remember to take something, especially during a trip, remember to buy souvenirs.


5.   Eating culture

There are certain attentions should be taken by travellers when eating in Thailand. There is usually no knife on the table as Thailand’s cuisines are already cut. In the restaurant, Thais people order mutual cuisine on the table for all the people, which is different from the Europe or America where each one takes his/her own dish. Rice is difficultly planted and harvested, therefore it will be very impolite if you leave some rice on the dish or drop it on the floor. Try to make sure that you can it all of the rice you take.


6.   Hand gesture

Language shows different meaning in different nations, and so does hand gesture. In Thailand, using your pointing finger toward someone means that you want to attack them. When you want to call a cab or someone, try to face your palm down and make your fingers closed to each other.


7.   The price

In a few places, they apply different price ranges for Thais and foreigners. It is rare but tourists should also pay attention. If you know some Thais language, try using it to get the “local price”.


8.   The wai greeting

Many people wonder how and when they will use the wai greeting, which is one of the unique features of Thailand. Wai is the traditional gesture of Thais people to say hi and to thank. It is the combination with your two hands in front of your chest, followed by a slight touch on the forehead. A smile when doing this will so more respect. You should also use “wai” when you want to say sorry to someone.

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