Thailand Beaches- A Fascinating Choice For This Summer (Part 1)

Summer is coming and you are stilled confused among several choices for spending your holiday? Then the beautiful beaches in Thailand could be considered as a good suggestion. With 3.200 km of coastline with about 8.000 islands, tourists could have several plans for different beaches. Below is the list of the best beaches in the country.

1.   Railay beach

Railay is a small peninsula located between the city of Krabi and Ao nang. The beaches here are very quiet and therefore it gives the visitors a really relaxing atmosphere. Besides enjoying the beaches, adventurous people also choose this place to “conquer” the cliffs which cut off the mainland access. The suitable zone for tourists to swim is the west of Railay since East Railay is the docking point. In term of accommodation, the price is at a cheap and medium level in East Railay and more expensive in the west of the island.

A day at Railay beach

The cliffs attract climbers

Resorts with a wide price range


2.   Ao Phra Nang beach

Similar to Railay, Ao Phra Nang is also one of the best beaches in Krabi. With the wild landscapes and the sunshine of the beach located between a tropical forest and the Andaman Sea, Ao Phra Nang is suitable for both people who need a relaxing moment and those who prefer adventure. Many visitors choose this place due to the cheap hotels. However, there are also luxury resorts along the coastline. Popular activities at Ao Phra Nang are swimming, diving, climbing and rowing.

It is the wild of the beach which attracts tourists the most


3.   Koh Kradan

Located in the south of Koh Lanta (a busy district of Thailand), the tiny Koh Kradan is part national park, part island. The main beach of the island has the length of only about 2 km but it has fabulous white sand and stunning views toward various limestone outcrops rising from the sea. Being a resort island, Koh Kradan could also satisfy travellers with perfect service. Snorkeling is also a popular activity at Koh Kradan. The swimming is excellent at high tide, when clear water immerses a patch of powdery sand and deepens fairly quickly as you wade out. Low tide is also a special time thanks to sandbars that make it possible to be surrounded by sun-drenched water many metres from shore.

Gorgeous white sand is the best point of Koh Kradan


4.   Patong

Patong is the beach and town located on Phuket’s west coast and is the main tourist resort on the island of Phuket. Also, it is the center of Phuket’s nightlife and shopping. Facing the Andaman Sea in the southwest of Thailand, Patong attracts the tourists by cafes, restaurant and bars which lie on the sandy and crescent beach. Besides enjoying the beach, tourists can also spend their amazing time for the nightlife with beer bars, go-go bars, nightclubs, massage parlors and cabarets. Overall, this is a perfect place for party and playing.

Patong is the most famous resort beach of Phuket


5.   Kluai beach, Koh Kood

Similar to Ao Nang, Kluai also attracts adventurous tourists with the rocky coastline and unspoilt beaches. The beach located in Koh Kood which is one of the biggest islands of Thailand. Together with the wild landscape and low population, the beach is decorated in seaweed with fresh air and white sand. The sunrises on the island could generate an extremely gorgeous picture.

Kluai beach

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