8 Useful Tips For Thailand Backpacking

Famous as the travel hub of the Southeast Asia, Thailand is an ideal stop for us to enjoy the amazingly beautiful nature, world-class diving, lush jungles, exotic Thai food at budget-friendly prices and so on! But there’s much more to the country waiting to be uncovered! We’ll give you some great tips to make the most of your Thailand backpacking and prepare you softly for the world of the independent travel.

Get yourself well-prepared for an independent travel

1. Show respect for the culture

 Pay respect to Buddhist and Thai culture

People call Thailand as the land of smiles for a good reason, but be careful when those smiles no longer appear on their mouths if you don’t respect their culture. Do not ever point your feet that is seen as the lowest part of your body towards a Thai person, especially if he or she is a Buddhist. Since the head is the most sacred body part so stop rubbing someone’s head even the kids.

2. Visit Thailand in mid-November & February

A scene of Loy Krathong celebration

Visit Thailand in the mid-November and February since this is the best time of the year and when the temperatures stay at the coolest. Especially November is the ideal time for us to see Thailand’s one of the most attractive festivals, called Loy Krathong. It’s usually held nationwide with the launch of little illuminated Krathongs on the waterways.

However, this is also the peak season so if you want to avoid crowds rather than sunbathing, come here from May to October.

3. Don’t weigh yourself down for backpacking

Be selective about your packing list

You will get going to Thailand to find freedom, so don’t be so greedy to put too much in your backpack. Fill it with your essentials only to avoid weighing you down. For example, some useful items for dressing up like underwear that can be washed repeatedly, a set of earplugs, a cell phone, a phone charger, a water-resistant jacket, a flip-flop, and the insect repellent.

Be more selective and keep in mind that you’re allowed to purchase any thing while on the way. Build an essential kit listing for these stuffs but don’t forget to bring your money, passport, tickets, or bank cards since they’re the only items you truly need while being away.

4. Agree on the fare before the journey

Take a Tuk Tuk or a Taxi to get around the town

No matter if it’s a taxi or a tuk tuk, you must agree on the fare before setting out your journey in advance. The local drivers here usually avail the meter, so don’t hesitate to ask them to and in case they didn’t agree, then move on to the next driver. You can expect to pay around 100 – 150 baht for any brief Bangkok hop and always get the right money ready beforehand.

In addition, you can haggle over the tuk tuk by asking the hostel at first to get an estimate on the recent rates. Note that Thailand is a country with distances between the town, for instance, it’s about 700km for the route from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. So if you’d like to save the cost of your hostel, you can take an overnight bus or train, instead.

5. Get cheap and amazing massages

Recover tension from the traditional Thai massages

The truth is Thai massages are very budget-friendly and amazing for anyone to experience. Find the best deal when you’re an expert, like the cheap ones costing only 150 baht per hour. However, these ones might not be common recently, but you don’t have to pay over 500 baht for a nice massage experience.

To know better about the service, there’s always a menu printed on a photocopied paper in front. It will list the best massage services for you to choose from, from the Thai hot massage, foot massage to aromatherapy massage. So if you’re searching for the way to recover your tension from the mind or any issues related to the head, find Thai traditional therapy massage done by the accredited masseurs.

6. Get a tattoo in Thailand

Get a tattoo for your unforgettable Thailand backpacking

If that’s your favorite thing, then don’t miss finding a good tattoo artist for yourself. The quality of tattoo ink varies, and you will know if it’s good or not by observing how the tattoos discolor fast or not. Trust it or not since they’ve also got some counterfeit ink, so make sure to ask where the ink come from and what makes them the good ink.

And there are a few things to bear in mind when getting a tattoo: First, do not get it before you’re going to the beach or trekking to the jungle or something. And you can ask for an elephant tattoo, too but not before seeing the elephants.

7. Thailand island hopping tours

 Thailand island hopping tours

Do you want to experience some awesome Thailand island hopping tours but wondering where to go? With a great variety of islands to select on the map, it could be a bit overwhelming to decide, so here’s something to note: Head to the west coast of Thailand on the South to arrive at the Andaman coast. This island is one of the most beautiful yet easily accessible ones on earth, so you can understand why.

If you’re one of those travelers who are looking to escape from the bustle of the city or basically catch some rest, Koh Tao is the best spots for you to do some scuba diving in the Gulf of Thailand. There are also many activities to do, such as rock climbing and hiking in the quietest and less developed areas.

8. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink coconut water to hydrate yourself

This is one of the most important tips amongst others for Thailand backpacking. Imagine tackling with the heat in the country, you need to drink enough fluids to hydrate your body on the road. Find coconut water that is often sold on both sides of the street stands or some fresh fruit juice available everywhere else in the place.

The recommended water intake is around 1 – 1.5 gallons a day, which can help to boost your immunity and avoid yourself from getting sick abroad.

All Thailand backpacking trips have their own challenges, so find yourself the best solutions from our list here to plan the trip as epic as possible. Also, Thailand is also one of our favorites spot to travel, so we’re so excited for you to visit this country! What’s more that make you feel tired of? Let us know!

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