Thai Travel Tips: Ao Nang Krabi

Krabi is one of the northern provinces of Thailand located along the Andaman coast. The province is 814 kilometers away from Bangkok. This place attracts tourist all over the world mostly because it owns a very beautiful beach which is Ao Nang. Below are certain things for tourists to refer to when coming to the beach.

I. How to get there?

From Bangkok, there are 2 main ways to go to Krabi: flight and bus. For flight, you can choose one of brands including Thai Airways, Air Asia or Nok Air. Air Asia usually has discount. Flying is the most convenient and time-saving way for you to travel. The airport in Krabi is Krabi International Airport. From the airport, you can take a taxi to get to the center of the city, which will be around 15 kilometers. It is about 40 kilometers from the airport to Ao Nang beach.

If you choose bus, you will start from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal. It will take about 12 hours to come to Krabi. You can check the schedule of the bus. It will be much more convenient if you are already at a hotel in Bangkok. You can ask the receptionists, they will help you booking the tickets. Bus in Thai is highly recommended. The bus has toilet on it and they will hand you food and water during the journey. From Krabi, you can take a minivan to Ao Nang.

II. Where & What to play?

Ao Nang is famous for gorgeous beaches, below are some suggestions:

1. Nopparat Thara

This is an extremely beautiful beach in the west of Ao Nang. The beach is re-planned as a national park. Here is where you can walk to some nearby limestone islands. You can also go to the limestone by motorbikes

2. Rai Leh Beach

This beach is near Ao Nang. Here is where you can only arrive by boat. Actually, it is part of the mainland however is separated by the limestone hill. The advantage of Rai Leh Beach is that it seems to be cleaner than Ao Nang main beach and Nopparat Thara. You will have to pay about 800 baht to get to the beach by Longtail boat. You can also visit magnificent caves.

3. Su-san Hoi beach

Su-san Hoi has another common name, which is fossil beach. It is about 17 kilometers from Krabi Town. Long time ago, this place was a freshwater marsupial, home to various species of snails. Over time, the marshes have disappeared, all of the snails and oysters are dead, forming fossils of thickness up to 40cm. With the geographic shift, the fossilized bedrock broke out into many large blocks on Laem Pho's shores creating exotic shapes. This is an interesting destination for those who are interested in archeology​​​​, visit fee for foreign visitors is 200bath.

III. Important notes

You should take the sunscreen. If you don’t have it already, you should buy it in a shop in Thailand. Besides, you should also prepare medicine, especially those for the digestive treatment, because you might not get used to with the Thais cuisine as much as you expected. Last but not least, prepare swimsuit and plastic bags for cameras and smartphones.

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