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Fresh Seafood In The World Biggest Fish Market

Tsukiji market in Tokyo (Japan) consumes approximately 2.000 tons of seafood per day with thousands of products from tiny menhaden to tuna weighing 300 kg. Amidst Sumida river and Ginza first-rate central shopping mall is Tsukiji market. Tsukiji fish market is 285.000 m2 in square and famous for seafood products. ...


Compression at Tokyo’s Subway Station

Oshiya – the staff that is wearing the uniform with white gloves have to face up to their daily task of compressing the guests in the subway as its timely routine do not have social sympathy. Track rail system in Japan is well-known worldwide thanks to its appropriate schedule. In Tokyo, there estimate 40 million of ...


Tokyo, The Strangest Capital In The World

At the work, nodding doesn't mean agreeing, that simply is: "I'm listening". Many tourists when coming to Japan are interested in moving by the Yamanote Line train around Tokyo with a length of about 34.5 km. But according to many experienced tourists lived in Japan, there are many interesting ways to explore "the ...

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