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The 12 Most Recommended Hotels In Singapore

The living cost in Singapore is a bit high, especially for the hotel. This article is going to present you 12 most recommended hotels in Singapore.   1. Moon 23 Hotel Low price: around 85 SGD Nearby MRT station: Bugis railway station Nearby tourists’ attraction: Little India, Sim Lim Square Although the ...


Eight Most Wonderful Churches in Singapore

Singapore is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural immigrant society, so a variety of religions in the world gather here. Do you know that there are as many as 266 churches in tiny Singapore? So today I will take you to a trip of churches in Singapore, take you to a different Singapore. 1. St Andrew's Cathedral - a ...


Nine Cultural Features of Singapore by the Natives

Many people's first impression of Singapore is a fine, a fine for smoking in public places, a fine for throwing wastes, a fine for not flushing public toilets, which can be a heavy penalty of thousands of SGD, but also be prosecuted. Another is the world famous caning, as is now few countries use this torture, but ...


Six Picturesque Natural Sceneries in Singapore

1. Bukit Batok Nature Park Bukit Batok Nature Park is widely popular among the nature-likers and the runners because of its winding path and the picturesque forest landscape. Walk forward alongside the path, you can arrive at several high viewpoints which has an altitude of ten-floor-building to overlook the ...


Explore 8 Heavens of Shopping in Singapore

If you are a shopaholic, definitely can’t miss these places 1.  ION Orchard Shopping Center The fashionable shopping center with a total retail area of more than 66000 square meters has become a new center of Orchard Road, of which the appearance design is so fashionable and sharp that more young people like to ...


How to get Tax Rebate in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore, as long as the single consumption is more than $100, you can refund. Singapore's consumption tax is 7%, but it does not mean that you can get 7%. Excluding service charges, so the drawback rate is basically about 5.5%. You can find a shop with a "refund" logo or consume more than $100 in the ...


Characteristic Markets in Singapore

1. BUGIS STREET In the 1950 s, it once was a famous romantic place. Today, it has become a unique shopping street, where there are more than 800 stores in business. The goods here vary from fashion trendy clothing and accessories to exquisite souvenirs. Address: 4 New Bugis Road, Singapore 188868 Website: ...


Taboos of Traveling to Singapore

Littering and spiting stick gums out carelessly is a very rude behavior no matter where you are, so i personally advice you not to take the gums aboard. I've just come back from Singapore for a tour and i have noticed that no one jaywalking in Singapore, so please pay attention to it. In the case of absence of traffic ...

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