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Best Restaurants In Hoi An Old Town

In addition to visiting the monuments and experiencing the nightlife activities, domestic and foreign tourists coming to Hoi An can enjoy the unique dishes in here. In this article, we will introduce some of the famous restaurants in Hoi An - where you can discover the rich cuisine here. Fullmoon Town Restaurant ...


Best Sekinchan Restaurants

The vast rice fields and famous landscapes are the images that Sekinchan is reminiscent of the Malaysian. Not only that, an activity that tourists cannot ignore when visiting Sekinchan is to visit the fishing village of fishermen and enjoy the delicious seafood dishes. The name “Sekinchan” was previously unfamiliar to ...


Highly Recommended Sekinchan Seafood Restaurants

Sekinchan is a Chinese name that means "village suitable for cultivation". This is a coastal village of Malaysia (102 km from Kuala Lumpur to the north) which was formerly known as a small fishing village. It is one of Malaysia's biggest granaries and is famous for its beautiful and peaceful nature. If you have the ...


Top 7 Putrajaya Restaurants You Should Consider

Introduction Nowadays, beside Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya is  one of the most famous destinations for tourists in Malaysia. Known as thefederal administrative center of Malaysia, Putrajayais stand equally beside Kuala Lumpur – the commercial and financial center of the nation. In Sanskit, “putra” means “prince” and ...


3 Amazing Restaurants in Sky 101

The landmark in Hong Kong, Sky101, is the 4th highest building in the world. In Sky101, you can enjoy the nice view of Kowloon side and the Victoria Ocean. Also, there is an amazing restaurant you can enjoy both the views and the food.  1.   Dragon Seal Restaurant & Bar Address: 101/F, ICC, 1 Austin Road, ...


10 Best Night View Restaurants in Tainan, Taiwan

People always said Tainan has the best food in Taiwan, also the view is nice to no matter when. But there are some restaurants which you can enjoy both the food and the night view is amazing. Here we are going to introduce you 10 places which have the great night view in Tainan. 1.    Green Space Green Space is in ...

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