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5 Streets You Must Visit in Beijing, China

With a history of a thousand years, there are various kinds of street in Beijing, be its style ancient or modern, noisy or quiet, nostalgic or fashion. Every single one of them is telling a story, the story of Beijing. They have attracted many tourists from all over the world. This article is going to list 5 streets ...


5 Places You Must Visit in Yunnan, China

Located in the southwest part of China, Yunnan is known as “the most beautiful province in China”. There are many tourist attractions here. This article is going to list the top 3 places for you to visit had you ever come.   1. Shangri-La Shangri-La means the best place in Tibetan. It is located at the ...


3 Must Visit Temple in Malaysia

1. Kek Lok Si It is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. It is located at the top of the White Crane Mountain, 6000 meters off the south of the Penang. The temple is magnificent with around a hundred of stone stairs placed between the bottom of the mountain from the gate of the temple. It was started to be ...

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