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Thug Life Monkeys In Bali Island

They choose the thug life or the thuglife chooses them? A group of monkey in Uluwatu Temple in Bali, Indonesia has developed a very special behavior.These mischievous monkeys take tourists’ belongings and only return them when they receive some kinds of ransom(see video below). ...


Coming To Bali – The Island Of Gods

Bali is beautiful, so beautiful that makes a lazy person like me had to immediately write a post about this memorable trip after went home. Why choose Bali? Bali is one of most famous destination in Southeast Asia you must have a visit. That is the first reason. Tanah Lot - a famous sacred temple in Bali The ...


Food sacrifice ceremony for Bromo volcano

Bromo volcano located in the western Java island – Indonesia is the strongest active crater in the area where is well-known for its height of 2300m. Bromo mountain lying in the middle of a full desert called “Sand Ocean” were so called a home for nearly 90.000 Tengger group. Whenever it is going to erupt, the ...

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