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Hotels In Koh Samui

Finding a place to stay is a challenge for several tourists. The location, the service quality, the atmosphere, all of those things is major concerns of many Asia Marvels’ readers. That is the reason why we have to spend time to collect ideas from many people regarding this issue. If you are in a paradise but your ...


Visit The Gorgeous Infinity Pool In Singapore

Locating on the top floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, the Infinity Pool looks like a giant boat floating in the sky. Photo by Amazing. The Infinity Pool is located in the Sky Park which sits on the top floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel (200m in height). Sky Park has the shape of a giant boat, with an area of ...


8 Most Recommended Hotels in Angork, Cambodia

Although Cambodia is not a rich country, there are still many nice hotels in sight seeing place called Angork. When you are traveling alone, the main priory would be a nice, quiet and relaxing place. Here are some of the hotels in Cambodia that receive much recommendation from tourists around the world.   1. ...


The 12 Most Recommended Hotels In Singapore

The living cost in Singapore is a bit high, especially for the hotel. This article is going to present you 12 most recommended hotels in Singapore.   1. Moon 23 Hotel Low price: around 85 SGD Nearby MRT station: Bugis railway station Nearby tourists’ attraction: Little India, Sim Lim Square Although the ...

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