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10 Facts About The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall Of China is one of the most beautiful and celebrated achievement wonders in the world. Most of the people completely know that the wall is large, famous and ancient thorough the history. Nonetheless, there are some facts we might not deeply clear about The Great Wall. In this article, you will find out ...


Top 5 Fascinating Forbidden City Facts In China

Travel to China, in addition to the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the next destination that visitors cannot ignore is the Forbidden City. This palace is not only the most powerful emblem of the feudal dynasty of China but also one of the largest historical sites in China. Experience the ups and downs of Chinese ...


5 Interesting Facts about the culture of Macau

Macau's population is 95% Chinese, primarily Cantonese and some Hakka, both from nearby Guangdong Province. The remainder are of Portuguese or mixed Chinese-Portuguese ancestry. Some Japanese, including descendants of Japanese Catholics who were expelled by shoguns, also live in Macau.   Wedding ceremony ...

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