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Wrestling in the “dirtiest” muddy festival in Korea

Boryeong Muddy Festival 18th organized during 15 - 27 Jul 2016 which is the most expected event in summer at Korea. Estimated 1 million tourists attended this festival on Daecheon beach. The Muddy Festival has been organized on Jul annually at Boryeong on Daecheon beach which merely 200km distance from Seoul Capital. ...


An Introduction to Taiwan’s 16 Indigenous Ethnic Groups

1. The Atayal People Amongst the various ethnic groups of Taiwan, there are three who customarily tattoo their faces – the Atayal people, the Taroko people, and the Saisiyat people, amongst whom it is mose common with the Atayals. Amongst men, it is a rite of passage and signifies the transition to adulthood in ...


Walk into Malaysia, Know about Baba-Nyonya

Baba-Nyonya indicates Chinese descendants from the Ming dynasty that settled in Malacca, Indonesia and Singapore during the early 15th century. They came mostly from Fujian Province or the Chao-Shan Area of Guangdong Province, while a small amount of them originated from The Hakkas. Most of them are hybrids of Chinese ...

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