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Food And Restaurant Recommendations In Cambodia

For those who have never been to Cambodia and have no idea what their traditional food is. Here are some of the restaurants and food you should try when you come to Cambodia. 1. Arun Restaurant Address: Riverside Road, Slorkram Village - Commune | House # 0063, Siem Reap Tel: +855 12 890 396 From Arun to begin ...


8 Best Food You Simply Cannot Miss in Cambodia

Normally Cambodian always eat fish, shrimp, salad and rice. The food that can mostly represent Cambodia is salad. After they wash the vegetable, they will put onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and coconut juice. It is not too sour or soo salty. Although their food taste like Thai food, they don’t have the sour and spicy ...


8 Most Recommended Hotels in Angork, Cambodia

Although Cambodia is not a rich country, there are still many nice hotels in sight seeing place called Angork. When you are traveling alone, the main priory would be a nice, quiet and relaxing place. Here are some of the hotels in Cambodia that receive much recommendation from tourists around the world.   1. ...

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