Taboos of Traveling to Singapore

Littering and spiting stick gums out carelessly is a very rude behavior no matter where you are, so i personally advice you not to take the gums aboard. I’ve just come back from Singapore for a tour and i have noticed that no one jaywalking in Singapore, so please pay attention to it. In the case of absence of traffic lights, cars will take the initiative to stop for pedestrians. I have almost forgotten to say that Singapore’s traffic is different to it of china. Traffic in Singapore keeps to the left, while it keeps to the right in china, so you ought to change the habit of watching left first in China to looking to the right first. If you want to go to Malaysia and it is your first time to visit Malaysia, the guide will tell you at the entrance of Malaysia to Singapore that every adult can carry only 19 cigarettes into Singapore. You must be aware of the above mentioned because the Singapore law is very strict, for example throwing a piece of paper will be fined 1000 Singapore dollars, more serious to play a spank.

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Singapore tourism taboos:

1.   Singaporean dislike to saying “congratulation”, because they think that the   word “congratulation” has the same meaning with “windfall”, and “windfall” is the wealth acquired by some illegal ways.

2.  In Singapore, the head is regarded as the position of one’s heart, so touching the head of others can make the person feel that he has been insulted. Especially don’t touch a child on the head. Don’t hug or kiss anyone in public.

3.   It is a taboo to talk about personal character, talk about the local political or deficiencies, racial conflict, spouses and religious beliefs.

4.   No smoking in the public transportation, shopping malls and entertainment venues and government offices and other places, offenders fined.

5.   When pedestrians cross the road, if not utilizing the pedestrian cross or other road facilities within 50 meters, they are likely to be fined.

6.   Spit or litter in public places, not flush after using a public toilet, you are likely to be fined.

7.   Singapore comprehensively bans fasting chewing gum.

Having told you so many taboos in Singapore, I hope it can help you when you are in Singapore. I think that many advice is not only apt in Singapore but also many other countries. In modern time, it is a common sense to behave you properly at any public place. Your behaviors manifest your personal image, sometimes the image of your country. A good image of your own state’s tourist need everyone, so I think it is not enough for you just to take these pieces of advice.

Having heard so much negative news of tourists, I think someone may not have an awareness of some regulations so that they have the improper behavior, therefore i wrote this article for you. I hope you have a wonderful time in Singapore.

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