Sky Bridge Langkawi – Explore The Most Visited Place In Langkawi

Built in 2005, the steel Sky Bridge Langkawi is an ordinary access that allowed tourists to have a scenic wander high overhead the lush forests of the Gunung Mat Chinchang Mountain. Follow a tram journey from the foot of the bridge, the path breezes almost every tip of mountains.

Sky Bridge Langkawi is truly breathtaking due to its unique design and location

I. Why Sky Bridge Langkawi is special?

The route is deferred over 2,000 feet above sea level by a solo gigantic pylon that tracks abundant steel cables attach to the bridge. The parts of the over 400-foot bridge were elevated onto the mountain by helicopter and assembled at height. The bridge looks both revolutionary and terrifyingly precarious.

The sidewalk on the bridge is designed amazing and neat 

Even more incredibly, you will find no sign of the assembly procedure anywhere. No waste metal bits, no road, no forest harm. Staring around and look down to the forest ground way down below, you have to admit that it’s virtually impossible to know where the architect even built the foot of the tower. The environments surround like mountains, rocks, and thick forest are completely intact, completely uninterrupted. It’s really impressive how they build it.

II. How to get to the Sky Bride Langkawi?

Since this bride is in the middle of nowhere, you need to take a cable car to get there. The cable car starts from Oriental Village, a mixing place between West and East culture and architecture. The cable car climbs at a very sharp slope, pretty close to the mountain, giving you breathing up-close sights of the rocky cliffs and trees.

Taking a cable car is the only way to visit this amazing bridge 

Certainly, the higher the cable car increases, the more outstanding the scenes of Langkawi and close islands became. They are all very exciting. Eventually, the cable car surpasses the top and passengers can set foot onto a huge platform at 652.5 meters in height, to capture the spectacular views expanded out below.

Visit the bridge at sunset or sunrise will be a spectacular moment in your life

III. What you can expect on the Sky Bride Langkawi?

From the first stand, there is a second, smaller cable car cycle over to a close top, where five more observing platforms located at over 700 meters. From there you’ll also see the precipitous forest stroll to the sky bridge. You’re allowed to stay as long as you want, wandering around, watching at the beautiful scenery, and admiring at the sky bridge.

There are two platforms on the bridge, and one of them even have a restroom and snack counter 

The second stand area has a rest stop with sandwiches, snacks and drinks, sitting tables and even a restroom. Be careful of the sun burn and heat up the bride. Since it is windy and cooler, you might not pay attention that you’re getting burned really badly.

IV. Conclusion

If you are afraid of height, this will be a big loss because the Sky Bridge Langkawi is just breathtaking and beautiful. It worth to try several times when you have chances, and this place will never let you down. With only 30 RM or 10 USD per person, this place is perfect and must have in your traveling list.

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