Six Picturesque Natural Sceneries in Singapore

1. Bukit Batok Nature Park

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Bukit Batok Nature Park is widely popular among the nature-likers and the runners because of its winding path and the picturesque forest landscape. Walk forward alongside the path, you can arrive at several high viewpoints which has an altitude of ten-floor-building to overlook the wonderful scenery.

The park was previously consisted of two war monuments built by Japanese to commemorate the dead warriors. The monuments have gone away only left two columns, one power transmission tower and a set of 120 steps which connected the columns and tower. The plaque besides the steps quietly reminds visitors of its history .Walk in the park, breathe fresh air freely.

Open: 7pm-7am (light time)

Ticket: free

Address: Bukit Batok East Avenue 2 Singapore 659840

Transportation: get off at NS3 Bukit Gombak Exit D of south-to-north line, and then bypass Bukit Gombak Stadium


2. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

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Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the place where lies the highest spot (163.63m) in Singapore, which covers an area of approximate 3043 hectare and has more than 500 kinds of animal and 840 kinds of bloomer. Besides, there are also bike trail and guide service.

Ticket: free

Address: 177Hindhede Drive Singapore 589333

Transportation: bus:67,75,170,171,173,184,852,961,961C,ger off at the stop of Southaven2

Warm reminder: 1.The hiking group of more than 30 people are forbidden to access

              2. No feed animals

              3. Provide bikes and guide service outside


3. Labrador Nature Reserve

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In the Labrador Nature Reserve, you can ascertain the flourishing plants which grow on the precipice and scan the splendid landscape which combines the sky and the sea. Along the natural tourism route, you can appreciate as many as 50 more kinds of birds and 11 kinds of butterflies elegantly dancing in the flowers and leaves. In the journey, the lively squirrels may leap before you and jump up to the big trees. The orioles and oriental magpie-robins always sing all around you.

Otherwise, you also can go to the WW2 relics for a close look at the relics, tunnel and castles to cherish the memory of the old war days. If you are strongly interested in the history, you can participate in the every-day tunnel guiding for further history. There are also fitness club and jogging trails, thus you can exercise comfortably in the picturesque scenery.

Open: the tunnel is available 10am-7pm every day (the guide service is not available after 6pm)

Ticket: Tunnel guide fee: adult 8 SGD, child 5SGD

Address: Labrador Villa Road Singapore 119187

Transportation: walk 3 minutes to the south after exiting CC27 Labrador Park by metro


4. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

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Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is located in the northwest of the island and covers 87 hectare area. Visitors can enjoy a sight of migratory birds, which migrates from Siberia to warm Australia when the winter arrives; therefore Australia becomes a place for them to live in the long-time journey. Other than, you also can see crabs, mudskippers, heteromorphic prawns and can view  various birds and animals at the view stations which distributed everywhere in the quiet park.

Open: 7:30am-7:00pm from Monday to Saturday

            7:00am-7:00pm for Sunday and Holidays

Ticket: only charge on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.1SGD for adult, 0.5SGD for child, student, and the old

Address: 301 Neo Tiew Crescent Singapore 718925

Transport: Crescent station by metro


5. MacRitchie Nature-tour Walk passage

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MacRitchie Nature-tour Walk passage is walk passage of a length of 3 km in the tropical rain forest, which locates between MacRitchie Reservoir Park and the country center of the island. Alongside the road there are several old rubber trees surrounded by all kinds of plants. Here you can run along the path slow, or enjoy your walk to achieve a walk experience full of surprise. Add that, there are some places you cannot miss to visit like MacRitchie Reservoir, HSBC TREE TOP WALK and Cemetery of Mo sheng Lin who is a hero in the Singapore-Japan battle.

Ticket: free

Address: MacRitchie Reservoir Park Singapore 298717

Transportation: bus: 52, 73, 130, 132, and 162 to the stop ST. Theresa’s Home


6. Chek Jawa

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The wetland covering an area of 100 hectare lies in the southeast border of the Pulau Ubin which is one of the islands group in Singapore. The visitors can get to the Pulau Ubin by ship, and then rent a car or bicycle from the main countries in the island towards the wetland reservoir. If you want to get there on foot, it takes about 40 minutes from the main countries to Chek Jawa. In the journey, there is a length of 1.1 km wooded road which extends along the coastline and mangrove forest, you can have a look at varieties of plants and sea livings. There exist a 20-meter- high tower for a good horizon, where you can observe the daily life of the birds and have a sight of White Collared Kingfishers and Yellow-head ducks.

Open: every day

Ticket: free for individual, 60SGD for a team (maximum 15 people) with a guide

Address: Pulau Ubin Singapore 000702

Transportation: take the subway from Tanah Merah to EW4, then change bus2 or 29 to Changi Village, then take a ship at Changi Point Ferry Terminal, the fee for ship is 2.5SGD, it takes 10 to 15 minutes by ship, the service lasts from 6am to 11pm.

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