Top 6 Singapore Flyer Restaurants You Should Not Miss Out


When you are visiting the Flyer, make sure you don’t miss the great opportunity to try at least one of those fabulous Singapore Flyer Restaurants listed below. Those all get good reviews from visitors across the world as well as professional critics. I also put my real experiences in this article for your references.

As far as you may know, the Singapore Flyer is one of the must-reach destinations when you have a chance to pay a visit to the island nation. It is a giant Ferris wheel of 165-meter height (541 feet). It took about two and a half year for the significant construction to fully erect. Opened on 15th April 2008, the observation wheel has 28 air-conditioned capsules, each able to accommodate 28 passengers at the same time.

1. HajahMaimunah

Delicious dishes available at HajahMaimunah

The fantastic restaurant is located at 11-15 JalanPisang. It may have the most delicious Malay food in town. In my opinion, the types of sauce in the restaurant’s Malay dishes is a perfect combination of spicy, sweet and salty. The most famous cuisine here is Nasipadang, which is basically rice and a range of dishes going with.

If you go to HajahMaimunah for lunch, make sure you come there early enough because there is always a long customers queue at the time, which surely proves the restaurant’s popularity. The price here is also reasonable, about more than $20 for three people per meal. Visit the restaurant once, we’re sure you will come back in the future and recommend it to your friends.

Minus: Long queue, crowed space.

2. Krave

The elegant outside look of Krave

A café and restaurant is situated at 28 Bali Lane, run by two local celebrities Chef Sufiyan and Chef Helmi. The restaurant is small, yet quite cozy with only 10 small tables.  The serving is surprisingly fast and the price is favorable, too.

Krave is a famous Singapore Flyer Restaurant for their desserts, which you must try when you pay it a visit. I highly recommend you to try Chempedak Crème Brulee and Mars Attack. The crème Brulee has one piece of chempedak flesh inside, which gives the dessert freshness and naturally sweet flavor. Mars Attack is served in a cup full of Mars chocolate, battered and dipped fries, then filled with vanilla ice cream. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

Minus: Small place, crowded at rush hours

3. Mamanda

Spectacular dishes you can find in Mamanda

You can easily find the restaurant at 73 Sultan Gate. Its impressive appearance makes people unable to walk around without stopping by. Mamanda is famous for its Nasi Padang family-style platter. I had ordered this platter for my family last time we came here and both the flavor and décor perfectly met our expectation.

Many visitors who have enjoyed dining here said that the experience is extremely amazing. All the dishes of this Singapore Flyer Restaurant are very delicious, service is awesome. You should also try the desserts since there are a lot of good reviews about them.

Minus: Some waiters do not have qualified attitude

4. Akbar 24 Hours Restaurant

The restaurant is located at 2 Lim Tech Kim. The staffs here serve spectacular Malay-Indian food. Although the cuisines are almost spicy and some westerners may not find them easy to eat, it is such a pity if you don’t give it a try.

Akhbar is opened 24 hours so instead of wasting your time with such familiar fast food in McDonald’s at late nights, choose Akhbar and enjoy something different and spectacular. Dishes here come out in very generous portions and reasonable prices. One more plus point, Akbar’s waiters are all very friendly and don’t mind answering questions.

Minus: Some westerners may not find the spicy flavor enjoyable. 

5. Afterwit

The perfect choice for Mexican food addicts

Looking for a Mexican corner in Singapore, particularly around the Singapore Flyer, here is your destination. Situated at 778 North Bridge Rd, the Mexican restaurant is famous for its Tacos, Burritos, Mexican Brunch, Specialty Coffee and Signature Smoothies. The staff of this Singapore Flyer Restaurant may offer their customers with a variety of choices for an average price.

The food and drinks here are all pretty awesome. You’d better give Nachos a try since there are so many five-star reviews about the dish. Afterwit’s decoration is quite beautiful and authentic, so it’s worthy of some selfie pictures, too.

Minus: There is no minus, in my opinion.

6. Jinjja Chicken

What you can enjoy in Jinjja Chicken

The Korean restaurant can be found at 249 Victoria St, Bugis Village. It is famous for chicken dishes. Personally, I prefer Jinjja Chicken to Four Fingers, since its fries are fresher, filled with more flavorful sauce and I love the garlicky, spicy, tacky flavor of its fried chicken. One plus point for Jinjja is their noodles and rice choices available.

Jinjja is the perfect hangout corner for people who love Korea. They always play Korean music and decorate the inside with K-pop posters. Sometimes you can have opportunities to meet some Korean celebrities here!

Minus: Some people may not find the background music and décor enjoyable


Visiting the Singapore Flyer may be one of the most exciting experiences in your life. So, why don’t you enhance the enjoyment by giving yourself a sweet time at one of the fabulous restaurants listed above? When you are in town, don’t waste your precious time eating familiar dishes. Try something new and we guarantee that you would never have to regret. Have fun with your trip!

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