What You Should Know About Singapore Flyer Parking


The Singapore Flyer is one of the most attracting tourist destinations in Singapore. It is a giant Ferris wheel that has 28 cubicles; each can accommodate 28 passengers at the same time. To get to the Singapore Flyer parking, you can take Mass Rapid Transport (MRT), a bus, a cab or drive by yourself. Finding a parking lot in such a busy city like Singapore is always a big deal. You can also use the information when you are coming to other destinations near the observation wheel.

Buying or renting a car is such a big deal, but when you travel around, finding a parking lot is also a significant problem. Below is top 6 convenient car park you could choose while visiting the Singapore Flyer.

Overview of Singapore Flyer

The Flyer offers its visitors with a multi-storey car park with 284 lots and 3 handicapped lots, and a special coach bay for 25 tour buses. The parking fee is quite cheap. If you pay the Flyer a visit at from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays, weekends or holidays, the fee is $2 per hour or part thereof. From midnight 6:00 pm to 6:00 am, the fee is only $2 per entry, which means you can stay in the Flyer as long as you want without worrying about the parking cost.

Mostly every time I come to the Flyer, I choose the car park. However, due to its convenience and there are only 256 lots available, sometimes you will not find a vacant parking lot in this car park. The park is often crowded in tourist seasons.

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

The Ritz-Carlton car park

If you are not lucky enough to find a vacant lot in the Singapore Flyer parking, the car park of Ritz-Carlton is probably the next suitable choice. Located at 7 Raffles Avenue, the park has 588 lots available.

The parking fee varies according to the time. On weekdays, before 6:00 pm, the fee is $3.30 for the first hour and $1.10 for each subsequent 30 minutes. After 6:00, it is only $2:20 per entry.  On weekends and public holidays, the fee is $2.20 for the first two hours and $1.10 each subsequent hour.

You will have to walk about 8 minutes from The Ritz Carlton to the Singapore Flyer, but trust me, the walking street is quite nice and you will be able to catch some beautiful photos along the way.

Millenia Tower

Official parking fee in Millenia Tower

Millenia Tower is also a favorable choice for you to trust your precious car with. The car park is located at 1 Temasek Avenue and requires you to walk about 15 minutes to reach the Singapore Flyer. The parking site is right at the Millenia Walk, so you can enjoy shopping here before or after paying a visit to the Flyer.

The parking fee of Millenia Tower car park is the same as that of the Ritz Carlton. Personally, I prefer the Ritz Carlton, since the walking street is shorter and I’m not a shopping person. However, it’s up to your choice and convenience.

Pan Pacific Hotel

Pan Pacific Hotel is one of great options for the Singapore Flyer parking

Although personally, I think the three car parks above are the most convenient, there are still some other parking sites with good services you can consider. One of them is the park of Pan Pacific Hotel, located at 7 Raffles Boulevard. You will have to walk about 15 minutes from the site to the Flyer.

Pan Pacific Hotel offers the same parking fee as that of the Ritz-Carlton and Millenia Tower. One plus point is that you can choose Season Parking service with the price of $235.40 per month and earn yourself an exclusive lot in the park.

Mandarin Oriental Singapore

The view of a parking lot of Mandarin Oriental

The car park of Mandarin Oriental Singapore doesn’t charge you for each hour. Instead, you have to pay $12.00 every time you leave your car there. The fee stays unchanged whether it is a weekday, weekend, or public holiday.

The car park also offers the valet parking service. So if you are not so confident with your driving skill, it is the perfect choice for you.

I have tried the valet parking service once, and the valet completed his task with incredible responsibility. He was also very polite and careful, so don’t worry if you have to let them drive your car for a while. No damage has been reported since the car park first opened.

Marina Square

Have you ever tried to park in Marina Square

With the size of 1088 available lots, Marina Square maybe the largest car park you can find around the Singapore Flyer. You can easily find at 6 Raffles Boulevard.

Marina Square’s parking fee is the same as that of Millenia Tower of the Ritz-Carlton. They also offer drivers the Season Parking service at the price of $235.40 per month.

Besides, there is the vehicle delivery service, which means when you finish your enjoyable day at the Flyer, you can call the car park and let them bring the car for you instead of walking back. The charge for that service is $1.10 per 30 minutes.


Each car park listed above has its own pros and cons, which I have named specifically for your choice. Hope you have a great time at the Singapore Flyer and the provided information may help you somehow lift a burden.

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