Silk lantern- The best Hoi An Souvenir

If you want to bring home something to memorize your amazing trip to Hoi An, there is nothing fitter than a beautiful unique silk lantern.

Hoi An (Hội An), a peaceful and ancient town, is one of the most popular and worth visiting destinations of Vietnam. This amazing town is so beautiful that travelers always want to bring home something that will remind them of their trip — but many often get stuck buying cheap knick knacks from tourist traps. In my opinion one of the most unique and convenient souvenir you can get in Hoi An is a silk lantern.

Vietnamese believe that hanging a couple of lanterns in front of their houses will bring warm and happiness to their family.

Hoi An lanterns attract visitor’s love because of its delicacy in design and durability. There are many shapes such as circle, water drop, diamond… and a variety of colors. Prices range from thirty to hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese dong (2-5 USD) depending on the size, colors, and quality of the surrounding fabric. Hoi An lanterns are usually made from brocade or silk so they are very beautiful, impervious to water and easy to clean as well was packaged when transport. Nowadays, Hoi An lanterns are certified by Intellectual Property Department to protect local workshops.

One great thing about them is that they are all foldable, so they’ll fit easily in any suitcase or backpack. It’s better to buy them at night, as you’ll really be able to see how they’ll look like once they are lit up.

Here are some certificated local workshop, their product are all high quality and with good price.

  • Ngoc Thu Lantern Workshop
  • Add: 109 Tran Phu Str
  • Nguyen Boi Lam Lantern
  • Add: 97 Tran Phu Hoi An
  • Sedge Ware Workshop
  • Add: 32 Le Hong Phong St
  • Hoi An handicraft workshop
  • 09 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hoi An town.
  • Hoi An lantern 276/2 Cua Dai St, Cam Chau ward, Hoi An town
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