Sentosa Boardwalk – The Best Way Leading To ‘The State Of Fun’

Sentosa is an impressive tourism center because of the combination between entertainment area and Heritage site. Besides, there is a 2-km coastline, Siloso fortress, two golf courses and two 5-star hotels. It attracts over 5 million tourists every year. You should not miss Sentosa since a lot of tourism activities are waiting here for you.

It takes about 15 minutes to depart from the city center to Sentosa. The total area of this island is approximately 5 km2 while forest accounts for 70%. It is the fourth biggest island in Singapore.

You can reach Sentosa by three different public types of public trasportation: The Sentosa Boardwalk, the RWS 8 bus and the Sentosa Express. The 670- meter Sentosa Boardwalk that links Vivo City to the RWS Waterfront can be the best choice for you and here are some advantages:

Cheap price

The Sentosa Boardwalk is the cheapest way to get into Sentosa with the charge of SGD1 ($0, 7). You will have to pay SGD2 ($1, 5) for taking the RWS 8 bus and SGD4 ($3) for getting in the Sentosa Express. Ticketing booths are opened daily from 9 am to 10 pm.


No matter what day or night, rain or sunlight, you don’t need to worry since you will be covered by two-way canopies protecting you from different weather conditions.


Imagine you have to queue for the Sentosa Express or the RWS 8 bus during peak hours! It is believed that it takes you a little bit longer than two above means of transportation. However, you just have to spend 15 minutes for a leisurely stroll and over five minutes for a fast walk. Sentosa Boardwalk is opened 24 hours a day. Moreover, there is also wheelchair-accessible so disable people can experience crossing the boardwalk.

The walk is very manageable, for children and seniors alike. You can always park yourself on the escalators if you do not feel like walking. Just take note that there are stretches where you have to do some walking since the escalators do not serve the whole stretch of the Boardwalk. There are many opportunities to take the photos. It is more interesting than being stuck in a vehicle.

To get to the Boardwalk, first, you have to approach Vivo City, which is a humongous shopping mall connected with the Harbourfront station. Then head left until you see a glass door with automatic sliding doors and a huge sign ‘Sentosa Boardwalk.’

Easy accessibility

The Sentosa Boardwalk leads directly to the RWS Waterfront. Therefore, you can easily access many attractions such as Trick Eye Museum, Crane Dance, S.E.A. Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark, and restaurants like Seafood Republic and the Malaysian Food Street.

Restaurants along the way

If you want to take a seat to eat something while enjoying the scenic view, you will have a lot of different choices. The Wine Company located at the halfway mark of the boardwalk is highly recommended.


You will have a chance to go shopping in the weekend at the Sentosa Boardwalk Bazaar which is opened 4 pm-11.30 pm on Saturday and 2pm-9.30pm on Sunday. There is a wide variety of new and lovely souvenirs available.

Beautiful views

The iconic Gateway is the first garden-themed boardwalk in Southeast Asia to feature tropical landscapes which are indigenous to Singapore. Especially, the Sentosa Boardwalk will be very different after the sunset with romantic lights and poetic views. It is an ideal place for any couples.

With all of the advantages mentioned above, it is a pity if we refuse to take a walk in the Sentosa Boardwalk, right?

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