Top 6 Things To Do In Your Sekinchan Trip


Sekinchan is a fishery village not too far from the crowded, noisy city of Kuala Lumpur. The peaceful fishing village Sekinchan is located in Sabak Bemam district, Selangor, near Kuala Lumpur. To get there from Kuala Lumpur, you just have to spend about one and a half hours in a cab. You can choose to stay there overnight or make a short day trip, depending on your availability of time.

Sekinchan dwellers call the place the “Land of Plenty” since the town is bestowed upon beautiful sights and many specialties. So, if you have a chance to take part in a Sekinchan trip, try to explore and enjoy all the good traits. The article aims at suggesting some brilliant idea for your trip.

1. Drop by Bagan Fishing Village

Bagan fishing village – The trademark of Sekinchan

Talking about fishery in Sekinchan, many people will say that Bagan is nearest to the definition of a plentiful traditional fishing village. Bagan lies along the river, to the southwest of the town. If you want to buy fresh seafood to bring back to the city from a Sekinchan trip, choose Bagan for the freshest products and the most favorable prices.

Seafood in the local market varies from fishes, shrimps, to red snappers, stingrays, prawns, squids, eels, crabs, etc. Watch your wallet! You might overbuy things in the seafood heaven. If you decide to drop by Bagan fishing village in your Sekinchan trip, make sure to put a spacious cool box in your car trunk prior to the departure.

2. Stock up your fridge with fish balls

Those fish balls are fresh and good-looking

If you are a big fan of fish balls, just like me, you will be definitely stunned by a quick look at the place I’m talking about. On your way to leave Jalan Besar Bagan, you will see a house with three fishing balls tied together by a rode hanging outside the gate. This is a small fish balls factory run by a Chinese family.

All the fish balls provided by the factory are made by hand, from completely fresh fish. If you are traveling, tell the workers in the factory, so they will pack your fish balls nicely with thick bags and ice inside to keep the food chilled for the journey back.

3. Visit Mango King

You can easily find the shop with the board

Finishing buying fish balls in the awesome factory, you can go on to Mango King, a new destination for Sekinchan visitors. Perhaps you do not want to go all the way in the Sekinchan trip just for seafood, so you should check it out for newly-picked agriculture products.

Mango King sells mangoes of pristine quality. I have checked the freshness and taste of the fruit, and they are all incredible. Besides, there are passion fruits, pink and green guavas, home-made banana chips and fruit cookies available for sale. Try and choose your favorite treats so you can enjoy at home after the Sekinchan trip.

4. Try local keropok

I have not finished the miracle tale about food in Sekinchan. It is such a pity if you do not spend some time to try the snacks in this town, especially when you are a keropok fan. Keropok in Sekinchan comes in various flavours. There are even purple and orange sweet potato keropok, which I love the most.

You can try the miracle treats right there or buy the raw keropok so you can fry them yourself at home.

Do not miss the chance to try the miraculous snack

Wondering where to try the wonderful street snack? Well, they can be found everywhere. My recommendation is the stall of a Chinese guy opposite Jiann Chyi Restaurant in Bagan Sekinchan. The restaurant itself is also fantastic.

5. Enjoy marvelous seafood feasts

In addition to Jiann Chyi restaurant, there are many dining spots for foodaholics on a Sekinchan trip. You should try some popular restaurants like Ka Lok Seafood in Lorong 6, Guang Seng Long in Taman Sekinchan Damai and many others, which you can find in another article.

Those restaurants are specialized in seafood feasts. You will see that shark and yellow eels are often chosen by customers since they are ones of the most famous specialty of this town. If you are planning on staying in Sekinchan for more than a day, make a detailed plan to try out all the fabulous restaurants!

6. Visit the Paddy Processing Factory

The destination for those yearning for learning new things

Paddy Processing Factory is a pretty famous destination in this town, next to the fishing village. The factory is well-known for their pearl rice. It is located at Lot No 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, Ban 2, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor.

The factory offers you a short trip to the Paddy Museum, in which you will have chances to witness the process from planting to processing rice. Though you have to pay for a ticket for the museum trip, it’s worth a try, and you will have unforgettable memories with the factory.

You can purchase pearl rice from the factory. The shop in this factory has many fantastic products such as noodles, crackers, and even ice cream. Don’t indulge your kids and yourself too much, although I know it is hard to resist the buying desires.


Well, to tell the truth, Sekinchan is not developed enough to be an extremely exciting tourist destination. However, you still can have a good time here to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and try various local treats of magnificent quality. Hope that the article can help you somehow in planning your Sekinchan trip. The town is precious, and you should not waste your time there.

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