Highly Recommended Sekinchan Seafood Restaurants

Sekinchan is a Chinese name that means “village suitable for cultivation”. This is a coastal village of Malaysia (102 km from Kuala Lumpur to the north) which was formerly known as a small fishing village. It is one of Malaysia’s biggest granaries and is famous for its beautiful and peaceful nature. If you have the opportunity to visit this place, you can choose to buy a variety of rice as a gift for your family.

You can also enjoy countless delicious dishes made from fresh seafood of the region, especially sharks and yellow eels because Sekinchan is located right in the rich source of seafood, the Malacca Straits. Most of the seafood dishes in Sekinchan are processed in Teochew style, a famous Chinese cuisine style to cook the seafood. Now we will give you some suggestions where you can enjoy the best seafood in Sekinchan.

Guan Sheng Long Restaurant

  • Address: 30-40 Jalan SD 1 Taman Sekinchan Damai, 45400, Sekinchan 45400, Malaysia
  • Phone: +60 3-3241 8494

This is a great place to enjoy cheap seafood in Sekinchan. The highlight dishes of this restaurant are Fried Cuttlefish eggs, Fish with yam soup, Sweet and sour chilly crabs; Marmite prawns, vegetables and especially Hot and spicy shark porridge, the specialty of this fishing town restaurant.

Guan Sheng Long Restaurant

The restaurant owner and staffs are friendly and really helpful. However, if you come to this restaurant on weekends, you may have to wait quite for a long time to have a table because at this time the number of Chinese people from the mainland to this restaurant is quite large.

The price for an average meal at this restaurant is 125RM (29$).

Bagan Sekinchan Restaurant

  • Address: No. 168-C Jalan Bagan, Lorong 5, Sekinchan 45400, Malaysia
  • Menu: Seafood in Chinese style

Among many Sekinchan seafood restaurants, Bagan is assessed well by its tasty dishes at a very cheap price and good services.

Highly recommended dishes in this restaurant are prawns with Salted eggs, the snapper fish, Chili lala, the kamyong fish, baby octopus and shark meat soup, bamboo shellfishes and ​​fish ball soup. It has a lot of dishes for you to choose.

Bagan Sekinchan Restaurant

The average price for a 5-course meal including 2 veggies, 1 squid and 1 shrimp dishes is just 70RM/16.5$ (much cheaper than that in Kuala Lumpur center prices).

The restaurant is quite crowded, especially in the afternoon so you may have to wait for a long time. However, the staff at the restaurant serves quite fast and enthusiastically.

Although the restaurant does not have air conditioning, the tables and chairs are neatly arranged and the restroom is quite clean.

Wan Lau Restaurant

  • Address: 176 Bagan Sekinchan, Sekinchan 45400, Malaysia
  • Phone: +60 14-669 3123
  • Menu: Seafood in Chinese and Malaysian style

This restaurant is considered by many visitors as a good place for dinner in Sekinchan. The staff here serves quite quickly and enthusiastically. In general, the seafood is quite fresh, the dishes are very flavorful and the price is very reasonable.

Wan Lau Restaurant

The best foods in the restaurant include the fried la la, Mud crab beehoon, Butter sotong, Lala jian (clam omelet with chili sauce), Tepayaki tofu, Small kai lan and Sliced ​​crabs.

The average price of a meal at this restaurant is 66RM – 82RM (15-19$) including drinks.

Loong Hua Restaurant

  • Address: Lorong 3 | No 73, Sekinchan 45400, Malaysia
  • Phone: +60 3-3241 0651
  • Menu: Seafood in Chinese and Asian style

This is one of the great places in Sekinchan to enjoy your lunch or dinner after a day of visiting the tourist sites here.

The restaurant has fresh seafood dishes that get a lot of positive reviews from the guests such as Steamed ikan bawal, Rice vermicelli, Salted egg crabs, Fried mantis prawn, the yellow eels, Pomfret and Fried sotong.

Loong Hua Restaurant

The location of the restaurant is on the corner of the street so it is quite easy to find. If you are wondering what to choose, the waiter will always be ready to give you some advice.

The restaurant is quite clean and has air conditioning rooms. It is very crowded in the afternoon so you should come here early or you have to wait for a long time.

The average price for a meal here is approximately 200RM. The price is quite higher compared to that of other restaurants in the area but it is still considered by the guests to be worth the quality.

Chai Lee Restaurant

  • Address: No. 135 Jalan Tieo Chiew, Sekinchan 45400, Malaysia
  • Phone: +60 3-3241 0908

Chai Lee Restaurant

The food tastes good although the restaurant serves a little slowly especially on weekends when it is full of customers. Some suggestions for food at this restaurant are La la, Mantis prawns and Steamed fish.

Above are some our suggestions for your trip in Sekinchan. We hope that it will maybe useful for you.

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