Best Sekinchan Restaurants

The vast rice fields and famous landscapes are the images that Sekinchan is reminiscent of the Malaysian. Not only that, an activity that tourists cannot ignore when visiting Sekinchan is to visit the fishing village of fishermen and enjoy the delicious seafood dishes. The name “Sekinchan” was previously unfamiliar to tourists but recently it is developing to become an emerging tourist destination in Malaysia. The result of this shift is the formation of service systems for visitors, including the chain of restaurants serving the local food. In the article below, we will introduce to you some of the restaurants which you can refer to your upcoming trip.

Chaoren Steamboat Restaurant

  • Address: 125 Jalan Bagan, Sekinchan 45400, Malaysia
  • Phone: +60 16-303 0313
  • Opening hours: Daily 3:30 pm – 12:00 am

This restaurant specializes in serving dishes from the fresh seafood. In the opinion of many visitors, the best food in this restaurant is the steamed fish head, the clams in soup and the braised pork with rice.

The clams are fresh because they have just been caught from the sea and are still alive. Therefore the best way to enjoy them is to cook the soup in order to keep the original seafood flavor of the dish.

Chaoren Steamboat Restaurant

About fish dishes, the diners are free to choose the fresh fishes available in the restaurant, so you can control the freshness and the size of the fish. If you go in group of 1-2 people, you can choose a medium sized fish or the big one if you go in a large group. The price of a medium sized fish here is about 20RM (4.7$).

The waiter at the restaurant is quite friendly and willing to give you the best advice about the food you should try here.

Guan Hwat Restaurant

  • Address: Lot 2942 Jalan Bagan, Sekinchan 45400, Malaysia
  • Phone: +60 16-688 2609
  • Opening hours: Daily from 8:30 am-1:30pm, except Tuesday.
  • Menu: Seafood and Soups in Chinese style

Guan Hwat Restaurant is not a luxury restaurant in Sekinchan. This restaurant is decorated quite simply and without air conditioning. However, if you want to enjoy local dishes, this is a good place to consider.
Coming to this restaurant, guests will be served the freshest seafood dishes. Besides, another plus point for this restaurant is the very fast and enthusiastic staffs, clean toilet as well as the reasonable price.

Gwan Hwat Restaurant

Lala and the steamed shark meat with spicy sauce are two favorite dishes to eat at this restaurant. The highly recommended drink here is Kedondong juice.

The cheap price is also a plus point for the restaurant. Normally you only pay about 72RM (17$) for a meal with 4 dishes including Lala, fried prawns, bitter gourd and stir-fried Sotong plus rice and Chinese tea.

If you go to Sekinchan at the first time, it is difficult for you to find the restaurant because the signboard is hidden by the tree and the exterior of Guan Hwat is not too eye-catching (the restaurant has only one floor with blue walls). Please ask local people and they will be happy to show you the way to come here.

Another advantage is that the restaurant has a large parking lot.

The restaurant is very crowded on weekends so you may have to wait for the table, even to clean up the table by yourself but do not worry about it too much because the waiters will do their best to limit this problem. If you want to go to this restaurant on the weekend, you should go early because if you come late the dishes may run out and you do not have much to choose.

On other days of the week, you can come in any time and even if you go with the large group, the restaurant will still serve you attentively.

Kun Kee restaurant

  • Address: 42 Jalan Sekinchan Damai 1 | Taman Sekinchan, Sekinchan 45400, Malaysia
  • Phone: +60 3-3241 0575
  • Menu: Seafood in Chinese and Asian style

Kun Kee Restaurant

The restaurant is famous for its food from mud crab, especially the fleshy tasty crab with lots of eggs. Customers may request salted egg version for this dish.

There are also other dishes that are loved by guests like the buttered mantis prawn and mixed vegetable (with lots of mushrooms as well as small prawns) and the Sizzling tofu.

A meal at this restaurant costs about 100RM (23.5$) including drinks.

Sheng Hui restaurant

  • Address: PT 283 Jalan Pasar, Sekinchan 45400, Malaysia

The owner of this restaurant is Chinese, so the food here also has a strong Chinese flavor. The Sheng Hui restaurant is so popular in Sekinchan that many couples choose this restaurant to organize their wedding parties.

Sheng Hui Restaurant

Although it is located in a modest position, guests are not difficult to find this restaurant because there are many cars in front of the restaurant (a sign saying this is a great restaurant).
The typical dishes of this restaurant include the clay pot of curry fish, steamed fish in Teochew style, oatmeal mantis prawns and stir-fried Choytam.

The curry fish is made from fresh ingredients. This dish is attractive to the diners by its characteristic aroma and the appearance with many eye-catching colors: the black color of beans, the purple color of eggplants, the yellow color of the curry and the white color of the coconut milk. The best way to enjoy this dish is serving with hot rice.

The main ingredient of the steamed fish is the golden pomfret – one of the famous local specialties. The other dishes from prawns and vegetables are quite delicious.

The average price of a meal for 3 adults and 2 children at this restaurant is 75RM (17.5$) including hot rice and tea. Other amenities of the restaurant are the wide car parking and clean toilets.

Above are the name of some restaurants which are the best in Sekinchan in our opinion. Hope that the information will be helpful for your trip.

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