Sekinchan Famous Food – A Culinary Paradise To Explore In Malaysia

Sekinchan is a town in Kuala Selangor province, the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It is a relatively new place on Malaysia’s tourism map, but recently it has received a lot of the government’s attention and investment to turn it become a new tourist destination, contributing to promote the growth of Malaysia tourism. Coming to Sekinchan, visitors will find many interesting points to explore. One of them is the rich cuisine here. In today’s article, we will recommend 6 dishes you must try when you have a chance to visit Sekinchan.


With an ideal location adjacent to the Straits of Malacca, Sekinchan has abundant seafood source. Therefore, if you visit this place, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious food from fresh seafood here. Seafood dishes are available to serve you in any restaurant in Sekinchan.

Shark meat

Here, sharks are the most commonly used fish in meals and often served with fried potatoes. Sharks are made into the fried dish, porridge, soup or salad. However, the best way to prepare in Sekinchan is deeply frying the fillet or grinding the shark meat and grilling it over the coals.

Fried shark meat

If you do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the shark meat when you visit Sekinchan, go to any local restaurant and try these dishes. Shark porridge and fried shark are two dishes which are highly recommended by local people.

Ji Mei Lala Omelette – the pancake of clams

Ji Mei Lala Omelette

The fresh clams after caught from the sea are cleaned, boiled and eliminated the shells. After that, they are mixed well with eggs and flour as well as added some basic spices such as salt, sugar, and pepper. Finally, the mixture is fried at high temperature. The best way to enjoy Ji Mei Lala Omelette is eating with chili sauce. This is a delicious and nutritious dish.

Egg cakes in Ah Ma House

It is one of the must-try dishes in Sekinchan because it is a famous home-made traditional cake in here.

The way of making this cake is quite simple. To make the dough, you shred eggs, oil, and sugar together in a large bowl. Then the flour is sifted gradually into the mixture and added some other ingredients including the coconut milk and fresh milk. You can add a little water if the mixture is too thick and mix well.

Finally, the dough is poured into thin round molds and grilled. The cake has a pretty brown yellow color and a very characteristic aroma of eggs and milk.

It is a good choice for your tea break in the afternoon, maybe with a cup of coffee.

Egg Cakes

Glutinous rice with pig or chicken in Tea Meal Room

This dish is sourced from China. The main ingredients of Glutinous rice with pig or chicken include sticky rice, chicken/pork, mushrooms, sausages, onion, dried shrimps and salted egg yolks. The steamed sticky rice is used to wrap all the above ingredients and a layer of lotus leaf covers outside the rice to make the dish have a good smelling. In some regions, the banana or vine leaves are exploited instead of the lotus leaves.

Glutinous rice with pork or chicken

Fresh fruits in La Familia Orchard Farm


Red durian

The durian is considered as “the King of fruits” in Malaysia thanks to its special natural sweetness. In addition, this place has the rare red durian trees. However, not many people love eating durian because of its featured smelling.

Mangosteen fruit


Opposed to the durian, Mangosteen fruits are loved by many foreign tourists coming to Malaysia. Therefore, they are called as “The Queen of fruits” in this country.  Mangosteen fruit is a perfect choice to cool your body, make you refreshing and pleasant.

Sweet mango

The mango is the featured fruit of Sekinchan. The mango in here has a light orange color and a very sweet taste. The mango tree sap has a good smelling which you can identify at a very long distance. When the mangoes are ripe, their outside is still green. Coming to Sekinchan, you will enjoy the freshest drinks from mangoes such as mango juice, mango frappe or mango smoothies…


Peral corn and fried ice cream at the stall next to Paddy Factory

Peral corn

Peral corn

The corn plant is grown quite popularly in Sekinchan so it is not difficult for tourists to enjoy this specialty. The fresh corn has been harvested so it still retains the natural sweetness and a very fragrant smelling. They are boiled and sold to visitors by local people in the area near Paddy Factory. The attractiveness of boiled corn is the sweet taste of the eye-catching yellow corns and the cooling effect of corn boiling water.

Fried ice cream

Have you ever enjoyed the ice cream which is melted right in your mouth but fried to turn it into a delicious dessert yet? If not, go to Sekinchan to experience this exciting dish.

Fried ice cream

This dish is made from 2 main ingredients: the sandwich and ice cream. The ice cream is placed inside the sandwich and then it is fried at high temperature until the sandwich has a golden brown color. The dish is fascinated by the crispy crusts on the outside and the cool ice cream on the inside. There are many flavors of ice cream for you to choose such as strawberry, chocolate, durian, and vanilla…

Above are some suggestions for you. There are a lot of delicious dishes waiting for you to discover. Come to Sekinchan and enjoy them!

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