Sekinchan Beach – A Great Option For One-Day Excursion From Kuala Lumpur


When you travel to Kuala Lumpur, it always impresses you by its modern and urban feeling. It’s common to visit the Twin Tower in the city, then some nearby places like Genting Highland, Melaka the ancient city, etc. But if you want to look for something different and not like general tours, Sekinchan will be a good place for you to consider.

Sekinchan beach is still raw and authentic, which is a good place for weekend excursion

Away from 100 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, Sekinchan is a small town that is one of the biggest rice producers in Malaysia. It also has a nice beach and a fishing village for you to try local fresh seafood. This town is used to be unknown for travelers but since a drama of Hong Kong TVB did some scenes in the fields of this town, Sekinchan has gone viral and known by many Asia travelers.

With a close distance and many things to do and see, Sekinchan beach would be a good place for you to spend at the weekend for a short excursion.

Things you can do at Sekinchan beach

Taste the local seafood

As a fishing village, you can find lots of fresh seafood right on the beach and the street. Many restaurants here are gathering in one place to create a street food. Prawn crackers, raw oysters, fresh fruits, and juices are highly recommended to try once you are there.

The local seafood is fresh and reasonable for you to try

Make a wish on the tree

There is a huge wishing tree at Redang Sekinchan beach. You throw a red ribbon onto the tree with your wish on it. Not many people believe in the tree but it’s a fun custom and it creates a really cool background for your photos.

The wishing tree in Sekinchan Beach is huge and has a really impressive looking

Catch a panorama view at the white watch tower

At Sekin Fisherman Village hotel and resort, they have a high watch tower which let you see the whole town and the beach. The view is beautiful and much better if you come here earlier in the morning or wait for the sunset.

Visit the fisherman’s wharf

At the pier, you can see a lot of small boats with signature design on the head. Take a short cruise and learn about the local lifestyle, catching and raising fish will be really interesting.

Visit the fishing village will be a good experience for you to catch some cool shots about local life

Other things you can do in Sekinchan town

Eat Sekinchan Mango

Their mango is well known for a giant and sweet fruit. This could be the best souvenir that you can bring home other than seafood.

Visit Paddy Processing Gallery

As this town is a huge rice producer, it’s great to visit the museum and learn a bit about this process. The entire gallery is small, but the effort is respectable in getting the overall public to recognize more on all the hard working behind your daily chief.

Take pictures at the paddy field

It will be a signature or a proof to show everyone that you have been to Sekinchan. Both green and yellow fields have their charming so you don’t have to worry about the beauty of your photos. In case you want to have a specific color, then the field stays green from March to May (and middle of Sep till Nov). And it turns yellow for a short time from May to June. So arrange your time to catch the right moment of that.

The rice field in Sekinchan is truly impressed

Some common information for a better trip

  • The weather in Sekinchan beach is hot, for most of the year. It also changes really fast from big sun to a huge rain then sun right away. Make sure you have sunblock, sunglasses, and hats and stay hydrate.
  • Sekinchan is only close to 2 hours driving from Kuala Lumpur. You can hire a car or catch a bus from Puduraya Bus Terminal


Sekinchan beach is not really beautiful, or to be more honest; it’s not clean enough to swim. But if you try to go further, you might find some stretch that less crowded and cleaner. In general, people come here to try the seafood at the original cost and fresh, also to change the air at the weekend. After all, seeing the sea and catch a breath of the ocean is still worth no matter how the beach looks like.

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