Sand Dunes In Mui Ne Viet Nam

If you get the chance to come to Mui Ne, Vietnam, don’t forget to visit the famous sand dunes for an amazing and unique experience.

Just four hours away from Ho Chi Minh City. Mui Ne is a resort town that spans 15 kilometers along Vietnam’s southern coast. There are two sand dunes you can easily access from Mui Ne: the Red Sand Dunes, and the White Sand Dunes


1.   The red sand dunes

The Red Sand Dunes is just 20 minutes from the town center, and the sand is really more orangey-brown than red.

The sand dunes are wide but not very high and the slope is quite gentle so it easy to walk on foot. Watching the sunset on top of the sand dune in the cool sea breeze is really a spectacular experience.

Sand-boarding is a popular game for tourists visiting the coastal tourism town which involves riding down the slope of a sand dune with both legs strapped to a board. It’s fun and also great for your photo, the cost is only 20,000VND (US$0.92) to hire a plastic board with no time limit.


2.   The white sand dunes

The white sand dunes aka “Bau Trang” is about 30km to the north of Mui Ne, less accessible than the red dunes but its breathtaking scene is definitely worth your time.

Most hotels and hostels will offer you two variations of the same tour to the Mui Ne sand dunes and beyond: sunrise tour and sunset tour. In my opinion, the sunrise one is obviously the better one since there are not only fewer people but also less heat.

 If you want, you can rent an ATV to explore the dunes although rental prices are kind of expensive for Vietnamese standards.

Ostrich riding is also a very popular activity for tourist here but I don’t recommend it due to animal cruelty concerns.

That’s it folks, hope you have enjoyed this article about these amazing landscapes of Mui Ne, Vietnam.

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